Beaches? Check. Boys? Check. Bars? Check. Booze? Check. And, don’t forget all of your favourite little swimsuits from AussieBum and Priape. Puerto Vallarta is a gay paradise.

In February, I made my way down to PV for the third winter in a row. I love it. I will go next year and every year after that if I can. I will be one of those old gays wintering down in my condo on the cliff looking over beautiful Banderas Bay.

Puerto Vallarta, on Mexico’s west coast, has been a gay mecca forever. Sure, there are tons of frat boys and sorority girls boozing it up at the all-inclusives near the airport, but dominating Old Town are flocks of homos.

Puerto Vallarta’s Old Town is beautiful. Cobble stone streets wind their way passed dozens of eateries and bars with gorgeous condos built right into the hillside overhead. The hub of activity in Old Town is Playa Los Muertos. It is the city’s public beach and right down at the very southern part is the Blue Chairs resort and row after row of boys hanging out under the umbrellas and palapas.


Life in PV for me goes something like this… Eat breakfast at noon, get to the beach by one, drink and body surf until six, siesta until 8, dinner until 10, party until 4, and then sleep until 11 so you can start it all over again.

If you’re looking for more chill and less party, I hear you can find that too. I just don’t bother looking. The best part is the incredibly social atmosphere. It doesn’t matter who you go down there with, you’re gonna leave with a whole new bunch of friends from all over North America. I can’t wait to go back.

Once you get there, here are some of the things you have to check out.

Playa Los Muertos– look for all the men sunning themselves in the blue or rainbow coloured chairs. Check out http://www.gayguidevallarta.com/ to learn more.

Diana’s Cruise– Diana is a fab lesbian who runs a great gay booze cruise every week. It’s a day full of drinking, swimming, and dancing. Book online at http://www.dianastours.com/.

Blue Chairs– The gay beach is often called “Blue Chairs” because of the gay hotel that’s right on the beach. I’ve never stayed at the hotel, but nothing beats happy hour with gogo dancers, The Dirty Bitches drag show and a Mexican sunset on the rooftop bar. http://www.hotelbluechairs.com/

Club Manana– This all night playground is one of my favourite gay clubs in the world. It’s outdoors, has a pool underneath the disco balls, great music, and awesome stage shows. If you do decide to take a 3am dip in the pool, remember to pay a waiter 100 pesos or so first and they’ll bring you a towel. http://manana.com.mx/

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