Wanna Spend Less On Your Cellphone???


Oh this is so good for Canadians!

According to the CBC: don’t sign a cellphone contract for another year or so. Two new companies plan on entering the Canadian telecommunications market by year’s end. Start getting used to your new best friends: Public Mobile (formerly BMV holdings) and Globalive Communications.

These are just two out of the many new cell phone companies that plan on launching by Fall 2009. Both claim they will give you unlimited text and talk minutes for as low as $40/month. The catch? They will start in Quebec and Ontario first (I guess they’re still hella pissed at us for having mountains AND the ocean!)

Interested? Read on, bitches!

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  • I’m glad that the canadian government took the initiative to allow smaller players into the phone business. Canada is so massively behind the rest of the world when it comes to phone pricing and features. I can’t believe that we still pay for in country long distance.

    Hopefully the competition will drive the average plan down in price.