Yesterday, a guy named Keith Edwards post a link to his video on our Facebook Fan Page. The video is titled “Proud To Be A Gay American“. Naturally, I was curious about the video (because of the title and because he was shirtless – hehe) so I watched it. Using sheets of paper (not because he can’t speak, but because he apparently talks to much), Keith explains why he is proud to be an American – a gay American. Keith explains (through several sheets of paper) that “on June 24th, the New York State Senate passed Marriage Equality…” Then shows us his pearly whites as he smiles at that thought. He goes on to explain, “Now 19 million people will no longer feel…” I let you watch the rest instead of me spoiling it for you. It’s actually quite touching.

Keith admits that this isn’t an original idea, but I’m glad that he took the time to do it and I’m also glad he took the time to share it with us here at, so we could share it with you. As a community, we have spent (and continue to spend) so much time fighting for equality. Let’s spend some time enjoying these successes along the way. Enjoy the video below. Thank you, Keith!

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