Looks like a battle of wills between two great organizations.

Equality California apparently wants to bide their time and wait until 2012 before attempting to repeal Prop 8 again, while The Courage Campaign has made quite clear that it’s their full intention to go full force right away in 2010. Interesting non?

Apparently both put together some individual poll style statistics and found out that that support for gay marriage is up to 51% in the state of California. That’s a 3% increase to the 48% of voters who previously voted no. So good news. Unfortunately, even though a larger amount of voters are gung ho for I-do equality, 60% of those want to lay low until 2012.  Further polling showed that it was the older voters (ah the patience of age) that wanted to hold off while the younger voters (ah the impatience of youth) wanted some change here and now.

Me? I’m on the fence. I understand that holding off the repeal would hopefully only increase that margin of 1% with time. The gay rights movement is still hurtling full force in America, and from the 3% increase, I can see that education and exposure is just helping Americans see the ludicrousy of unequal rights. So hopefuly that will grow. But at the same time I hate to settle and have the people opposed to gay marriage think that they can turn such a serious issue into a game of sitting ducks without repercussions. Constant pushing and, like I said earlier, repeated exposure could be the key.

What do you think? Both great organizations with different viewpoints. You on the side of Equality California, or The Courage Campaign?

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