Watch A Project Runway Contestant Proposes To His Boyfriend During Judging

On tonight’s episode of Project Runway, Jesse Tyler Ferguson not only acts as guest judge but also is an integral part of the challenge. The Modern Family actor is on hand to pimp out bowties from his Tie The Knot collection. Shilling his product isn’t completely self-serving. Proceeds from the sale of the neckwear benefit marriage equality. Side note: the episode was filmed before Ferguson married his partner Justin Mikita.

During the runway critique, one particular contestant gets emotional. Not because the judges are ripping apart his design. On the contrary they love it. I do as well. Rather, it’s due to the challenge’s theme. Out of nowhere, Brandon McDonald decides to propose to his boyfriend of 18 years Josh.

Watching judges Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Ferguson clutching their imaginary pearls is priceless. Total saps 😉 Heidi Klum also gets swept up in the touching moment and offers to become a bridesmaid for the newly-engaged couple. Check out the clip below.

Project Runway Wedding Proposal

  • MitchellM

    That is so cute, although the person in question isn’t there to say yes… Brandon was and now is confirmed as my favorite contestant!

  • That is really the sweetest ever, still need to watch this season of PR… Love to have Heidi as a bridesmaid… So I hope Josh says yes! 🙂
    I really do feel priviliged living in the Netherlands and have the option of getting married! I so hope this can be a option for all gay men and women in the USA and that it will get recognized in the whole country! <3

  • Rob

    why wouldn’t you even be in the place
    what people do for fame is stupid

  • Sean

    Love it!
    I adore Heidi and Tim.?