Project Runway Season 6 Episode 9 Recap: “Sequin Party!”


We’re more than half way through the season. Only eight of the original sixteen designers are left, and from last week’s shocking (to me at least) elimination it’s becoming tougher to predict who’s going home.

Epperson was the victim of misunderstanding and poor taste last week and was sent home, while both Christopher and Logan squeaked by with some pretty terrible looks.

Gordana won for the first time with an amazing deconstruction of a wedding dress. She has immunity this week, the last of the season. Winning no longer means you are safe the next time around.

This week’s challenge is to design an on stage costume for pop sensation Christina Aguilera. Oh man, I know more than a few homos who probably bust a nut when they found out Ms. Durrty was the guest judge. Although I’m not her biggest fan, I recognize how major a guest judge she is. Probably one of the biggest. Take that ANTM! Also thrown into the guest judge mix is “Sultan of Sequins” Bob Mackie.

This is an interesting challenge. Not as costume-y as the drag challenge, but still an element of grandeur.


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Out of the eight designers left, the only ones who haven’t won a challenge are Carol Hannah and Logan. Logan’s talent is fairly obviously not as strong as the other remaining designers, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him gone soon. C-H has been doing above average, and never terrible. She’s a consistent B.

Speaking of consistent Bs, Irina continues to be a consistent capital ‘B’ Bitch. She’s never been in the bottom three, but I pray she is soon, just to take her down a peg. I’m not dogging her design skills, she’s talented for sure, but I wouldn’t trust her further than I could throw her.

A little diversion side note: I wonder how established designers would fair on one of these challenges. I’d love to see Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Vivienne Westwood do a Christina Aguilera stage costume challenge, with the winner getting a donation to the charity of their choice. They’ve already had a PR all-star challenge, it would be interesting to see how they would deal with the limited budget and time crunch. Give me a call Lifetime Network, we can make this work.

Ok, back on track. We see the designers humming and haaing over what to do with all this CRAZY FABRIC! Logan bought Wilma Flintstone’s evening dress. I don’t know how he’s going to make that presentable. Shirin and Carol Hannah are both going with the flow, not really sure what they’re going to make. Nicolas is all giddy with this challenge, as this is basically his line of work anyway.

Gordana has immunity and is struggling. She’s being pretty dramatic the last few weeks. I hate to say it because I’ve loved her so far, but come on! Suck it up!

Tim Gunn comes around on day two to give his special brand of help. He expresses his disappointment with Christopher’s lack of bravado. Christopher is falling apart. I don’t know what the deal is with the men this season, but it looks like we may see another all girl final.

Tim calls Gordana’s outfit matronly. I think she subconsciously is taking her immunity as an excuse not to try.

Continuing on, Tim tells Nicolas his design feels like his winning design from the Movie Theme challenge, and he’s right. It’s a white / silver dress with feathers and lace. It’s like the challenge was, take one of your previous designs and rework it. (ooh, Lifetime Network, there’s another idea for you!)

Carol Hannah is playing with many different shades of black. Kind of goth looking, with the feathers and everything. It takes the right angle and light to see that it could be good.

Shirin gets blasted for the level of amateurishness her dress conveys. When the models come in for a fitting and you really see how blegh her look is.

The next day, the designers style their models and put them in the garments, and it’s off to the runway!

Michael Kors called in sick again, but we have Bob Mackie to replace him. Nina Garcia is here again (yay!), and Christina Aguilera comes in to judge her outfits. I know this is old hat by now, but damn does she look like Lady Gaga!


Althea’s look I think is more red carpet, and less stage. Her model Tanisha has become my favourite, she wurked that thing. The fur shawl was ok, the patterned silvers was slick, but we’ve seen that before… like twice this season. Epperson won a challenge with his strip garment, Gordana won LAST WEEK with a similar construction! I’ve even seen this technique win in past seasons. I’m over it.


Logan, Logan, Logan. Yikes. Koji is also one of my favourite models, but you are sabotaging her! She totally looks like a cave-woman.


A clump of black and silver seaweed sloshed down the runway posing as Shirin’s outfit. She really went wrong here. So much fraying on the bottom. She gets some points for the top though. I like the way the straps go around the neck.


Christopher. Nope. Don’t like it. The skirt needs to be painted orange so we can call it what it really is. A pumpkin. And his reveal is revolting. Those sequined shorts look like granny-panty craft fair rejects. Kick this boy out!


I really think Nicolas’ outfit is meh. I don’t have any passionate feelings one way or another.


Gordana’s is gross. Mess. What the hell are those nipple looking things? She loses some points in my book for sending this down the runway. You have to at least try when you have immunity!


Irina’s dress looks like stage lingerie. It has a sort of silky, snake skin way of moving. I like it.


Carol Hannah’s is another outfit that I think looks more red carpet than stage. There’s no way someone can move around in that thing. It’ll have to be for a ballad. Her dress is sort of hard to get a feeling for. The mixture of black textures doesn’t come across very well on screen for me. I think it would look great in person though.

The judges liked Carol Hannah, Nicolas, and Althea’s looks, and the bottom three were Christopher (good), Logan (good), and Shirin (deserved).

Gordana was warned that had she not had immunity, she quite possibly would have gone home this week. I agree.

Althea was praised for her innovated use of the back of the sequin fabric, and the judges loved Nicolas’ dress, and the feather placement. In the end though, Carol Hannah pulled off her first win with the judges really connecting with her varied use of black.

Christopher’s design was panned for looking like Lady Marmalade, and a poor version of it. Logan got in trouble for his lack of drama. He lined the dress with hot pink, but they weren’t able to see it. Shirin got the boot for the mess of a bottom that her dress was.

Shirin was kind of all over the place. She won before, and she was in the middle a lot. I think she has some talent, but compared to the rest who are left, she wasn’t going to make it to Bryant Park.