Bah! Looks like we forgot to recap last week’s episode, so here’s a little mini recap:

The challenge was to design a dress to fit into the Macy’s line of products made entirely of blue shades. Picasso’s got nothing on these bitches! Kidding, what a stupid challenge. Half my freaking closet is blue, it’s not hard to make something. Choose salmon, or tye-dye, THAT would be a challenge.

Irina’s a little full of herself, and also is kind of being a bitch. But she makes up for it by pulling off some pretty good outfits. She won last week, and the prize was to design a dress for Macy’s. I saw the dress she designed. Barf.

Christopher and Louise were bottom two. Christopher cried a lot, AGAIN. Louise looked sort of like she gave up. Not in her clothes so much, but when the judges started picking her designs apart, her face looked like she’d had enough. In the end, her execution was pretty bad, and she was sent home. I like some of her stuff, and would have rather seen Christopher leave, since it seems like his early success was beginner’s luck.

This week, the challenge was a little more difficult, but also, kind of a re-hash of a previous season’s challenge. Take a divorced woman’s wedding dress and re-construct it into something that they could wear again. They did pretty much the same thing in Season one. This week also sort of reeks of the Lifetime Network’s influence.

The winner gets immunity. The last immunity of the season. Very important!

We begin with a clip from Logan letting us know that the other designer’s are also noticing that Irina thinks her shit don’t stink. If I was Nicolas, I’d be pissed. She’s trying to steal your persona! (P.S. I read another recap that referred to him as “Fat Kurt Cobain”, LAWL!)

The designers have to pick new models, since they’ll be making the dress for the divorcees. Some of them have loads of fabric to work with and some have almost none. Shirin kind of got screwed with her model, as it’s not even really a wedding dress, it’s just a plain white simple dress. No beading, no lace, nothing. She’s worried, and she should be.

The designers get to go to Mood to add at maximum 2 yards additional fabric, and accessories.

We get to see a little segment about Gordana and how she’s missing her family. The extra screen time means that either she wins, or she loses. Which makes me a little nervous. I’m a Gordana fan, but the judges lately have NOT been. The segment though was very touching. Made me love her even more.

Epperson kind of screws up what the challenge is asking for and in the beginning doesn’t really use much of the wedding dress at all. Shirin is freaking out because not only does she have the least amount of fabric, but her divorcee is also insane, and wants a Cher inspired costume. Yikes.

Tim comes in and straightens Epperson out on the purpose of the challenge, and he changes his design. Mentor extraordinaire Gunn also calms Shirin down and helps her out.

The designer’s regular models taught the divorced women how to walk, so at least they won’t look like total fools.

This week, we get back Michael Kors as a judge. Also included are fill-in for Nina Garcia (though is it really a fill-in if she’s only been in a couple of episodes?), fashion editor for Marie Claire, Zanna Roberts, and guest judge Tamara Mellon, President of Jimmy Choo.

On with the show!

With only nine designers left, it’s a little easier to discuss all the garments, so that’s what I’ll do.

Irena’s Design


Irina’s is first, and again, it’s pretty good. She’s been stepping it up recently. Her dress used dyed lace to create an extremely age appropriate dress for her model. My only complaint is that the shoulders are a little too wide for my taste.

Shirin’s Design


You needed to have a sharp eye to catch all the stitch detail that Shirin put into her dress. For all her worrying, she really pulled off something classic. She made a dress that her model may not necessarily have wanted, but that’s good, cause her model was nuts.

Logan’s Design


Logan’s suit was hideous. This is the second time he compromised his design to please his client. The pants were so god awful. They made the model look huge in the waste. Ra’mon made a jumpsuit twice, and the second time it got him kicked out. Logan made his same mistake twice, so fair’s fair, he should be going home.

Carol’s Design


Carol Hannah’s is playful. I sort of like it. Though I wonder about the durability of those lace panels on the skirt. Her model looks good though.

Althea’s Design


Althea’s model obviously didn’t listen to the coaching for walking, she looked silly. But I guess silly in a good way, this challenge is supposed to be fun. I guess she had some risidual design from last week’s blue challenge, as she dyed the fabric blue and added some more darker blue for the bust and the hems. Meh, it’s ok, nothing special. Other designers have been chastised for being this boring.

Nicolas’ Design


Nicolas’ outfit is lame. So lame, but in a strange way, suits his model. It’s sort of school teachery, which is what I imagine she does for a living. It shouldn’t get him booted, although showing even the tiniest bit of midriff on a woman that old is so very very wrong.

Gordan’s Design


Someone better call Campbell’s, cause Gordana’s outfit is Mmmm Mmmm, Good! Not only does her dyed deconstruction look amazing on her model, and was styled perfectly, but it actually sort of symbolizes what the challenge is all about. She pretty much destroyed the past, and created something new. No way the judges are going to think she played it safe this week.

Christopher’s Design


I’m not even going to waste more than a sentence on Christopher’s hideous shower curtain grossness. Gross.

Epperson’s Design


Epperson’s coat and dress I though was cute. But the top totally didn’t fit her. Where are her boobs? The Union Jack style pattern in the front is a little distracting.

Nic, Althea, and Carol Hannah are all average and safe.

Surprise surprise, just like the pregnancy challenge, the top three this week are all women (Irina, Shirin, and Gordana) and the bottom three are all men (Christopher, Logan, and Epperson).

I’m a little shocked to see Epperson in the bottom three, I didn’t agree with the judges there, but Christopher and Logan definitely belonged there. They should pull out the double elimination card and send them both home.

The judges finally understood one of Gordana’s designs and praised her for designing something edgy and chic.

The judges tore into Christopher’s tinfoil mess, though I’ll give him credit, he didn’t cry this week. Good job.

The loved Shirin’s and Irina’s, and hated Logan’s and Epperson’s, calling them both “Oktoberfest” messes.

Gordana finally gets a win! Oh yay! I’m happy for her. I hope that this gives her confidence to make it all the way to Bryant park.

Out of the three bottom outfits, Christopher is safe first (WHAT?!) leaving Logan and Epperson in the bottom two. After deliberation, Epperson gets the boot. Again, WHAT?! I had picked him before the season started to make it all the way to Bryant park, and up until this episode was sticking by that.

Goes to show you that no one is safe, so watch your back Irina.