Project Runway Season 6 Episode 6 Recap: “Oh My God. What If I Get Stuck With Western”


Hello Project Runway fans! It’s Donovan filling in for Topher this week for the Project Runway recap. As you all know Topher is moving to Amsterdam and been busy packing and getting his affairs in order. In fact, I drove the little bugger to the airport yesterday to bid him bon voyage good riddance. HAHA. Ya’ll know I’m bugging. So I thought I’d offer a helping hand and take a stab at recapping duties.

This week the designers had to create outfits based on popular Hollywood film genres: Film Noir; Western; Period Piece; Science Fiction; and Action/Adventure. In the Project Runway world, being given a comment like “costumey” is usually the kiss of death but not during this episode. I’m going to do the recap a bit differently than Topher and just going to critique the outfits and insert random comments about the show. Hope you enjoy.

The Safe Group


Designer: Irina
Model: Kalyn
Genre: Film Noir
Coming off a win from last week’s “Newspaper” challenge, Irina didn’t let up and created a super sexy femme fatale dress. Not super crazy about the chiffon-pod-looking cape though- no bueno.


Designer: Shirin
Model: Ebony
Genre: Western
Shirin created a too literal western outfit and didn’t take enough chances. Her model Ebony looked like a saloon girl in every western movie made during the western genre’s hey day. I’m so over Shirin and her teeny bopper attitude. She needs to go stat.


Designer: Althea
Model: Tanisha
Genre: Film Noir
One of my favorite designers this season, Althea sewed a sultry albeit a tad-wearable outfit. She definitely owes a lot to her model, Tanisha, for bringing the outfit to life on the runway. She loves showing off Tanisha’s boobies. Look at it! It barely covers her nips. Althea didn’t even hit my radar in my pre-season picks but the girl definitely deserves to be in the running. Don’t lose sight of the prize.


Designer: Carol Hannah
Model: Lisa
Genre: Action/Adventure
Not a big fan of Carol Hannah nor this design. It looked a little Cleopatra circa 2056. With action adventure, she could’ve done something completely out of the box but instead choose to go with something expected and boring. PS. Stay away from Logan, Fatma and the other models will push you down the stairs if you make a move on their man.


Designer: Logan
Model: Kojii
Genre: Action/Adventure
Aeon Flux meets Ninja Geisha meets Tomb Raider. I wished the judges did a top four so that we could hear Logan talk about his outfit. It wasn’t as flashy as the top three designs but was fan-fricking-tastic nonetheless.

Judges’ Top Three


Designer: Epperson
Model: Matar
Genre: Western
Personality wise, I find Epperson completely flat. His designs, however, are anything but. With exception to the team challenge with Qristyl, he’s created designs that have been in my personal top three each and every week. His modern couture take on the western theme was out-of-this-world. The trim detail was inspiring and the leather accents gave it a modern feel. Given the costume theme of the challenge, his creation could easily fit in seamlessly with a Vivienne Westwood runway show or another major fashion house. IMHO, he deserved the win this week. In the end it’s all about winning the war and not the battle. My money is on Eppy making it to Fashion Week.


Designer: Christopher
Model: Katie
Genre: Period Piece
Victorian meets Gothic meets AWESOME. If Christopher keeps this up, he’ll definitely show at Bryant Park. Considering he’s had no formal training, week after week he keeps churning out winners. I agreed with the judges on Christopher’s attention to detail. The back of the dress was gorge with the tiered detailing around the back of the neck.


Designer: Nicolas
Model: Celine
Genre: Science Fiction
It definitely deserved the top three placing but I was more partial to Epperson’s design. He had a clear point of view of what science fiction represented to him. His vision came to fruition with this ethereal icy concoction. Loved the silvery leafy shoulder detail. Not only was the dress magnificent but the make-up and styling was flawless.

Judges’ Bottom Three


Designer: Gordana
Model: Tara
Genre: Period Piece
If this outfit was nothing special or too literal then Shirin deserved to be in the bottom as well. Poor Gordana. She hasn’t gotten any loving from the judges since day one. Every week it seems like the judges are tearing her a new asshole. There have been at least a couple of times she deserved to be in the top three. Loved the flapper inspired dress. Not only did it suit the period she was representing but the detailing was impeccable.


Designer: Louise
Model: Fatma
Genre: Film Noir
Out of all the three Film Noir outfits, this was by far the weakest. In her defense, it wasn’t as hideous as Ra’mon’s but Mussolini wasn’t as bad as Hitler. To-may-to, Toe-ma-to. Same sh*t, different pile. To this date, she hasn’t done anything in the previous challenges that has wowed me. Time to send Beetlejuice’s wife packing.


Designer: Ra’mon
Model: Vanessa
Genre: Science Fiction
During Tim Gunn’s mentoring, he informed Ra’mon his outfit could either be sublime or a big hot mess. Unfortunately for him, it was the latter. She looked like a dowdy Poison Ivy and a reject from “The Swamp Thing”. Was the outfit worthy of him getting booted? HELL YEAH. But I wish they would’ve kept him over Louise. Overall his designs on the show have been far superior to her’s minus the bowling-ball-pregnant debacle.

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I’m loving this season thus far but I have one burning question and complaint about this season. Where in the EFF have Michael Kors and Nina Garcia been? Seriously, Kors has been MIA since episode one and Garcia since two. If switching the locale to LA resulted in this, then fly the show back to NYC immediately. Heidi, alone, can’t hold down the fort. The beauty of Project Runway is seeing Frau Klum interact with Nina and Michael. Looking at the preview for next week, it looks like Kors finally returns. Thank God. With the rotating judging panel, the results have been random and at times psychotic.


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  • is colier strong (sp?) a burn victim…? :S

  • are you KIDDING M?!?! nicholas?? that thing was absolutely lame… chris and epperson were by FAR the better pieces… chris’ in particular.

    ugh, but thank god that ramon is out… ugh, take nicholas with you.

  • TRUE STORY about nina and michael missing out… what the face??
    they’re a huge part of the show for me… i don’t need random “fashion designers” i’ve never heard of.

  • James

    Word to Epperson shamefully coming in third place, when he was clearly superior to Nicolas. And Nicolas would’ve been gone next with Louise in a double-elim, had it not been for his unwarranted immunity. Disgusting!

    First Epperson, then Shirin (I don’t get your hate for her–but this was before she bounced back with two great top designs) and her adorably perky personality. It’s a shame hot mess repeat offenders like Christopher and Logan (THRICE on the bottom, JHC.) are outlasting Shipperson =(.