Project Runway Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: “I Just Want To Make It To Bryant Park”


Last week, the models were the clients and the designers were given another easy challenge that some of them still managed to mess up. Qristyl was in the bottom three for the third time and was rightly sent home. Althea listened to the challenge and her model and made a great outfit to snag the top spot and immunity for this week.

This week, the designers are finally presented with something interesting: make an outfit out of newspaper! Ooooh. Here’s a chance to be creative. I can’t wait to see the final results

Johnny starts off the episode singing “I’m never going to beeee, in the bottom threeee again.” Reverse Foreshadowing? I F’ing hope so. He’s the only really obvious one who’s out of his league.

Irina finally shows some personality over he distaste for Althea’s winning design, but she just comes off a little bitchy. Put up or shut up.

Next, the designers sit down at the runway to hear this weeks challenge. Heidi gives a subtle hint about “black and white” followed by Tim Gunn bringing the designers to the Los Angeles Times to explain that this week they’ll have to construct their outfits out of newspapers.

Some of the designers are freaking out a little bit, and some are showing their creativity.


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Tim comes by and critiques some of the designers outfits. Gordana gets told that her design is boring, I disagree. Althea is starting off with shoulder pads and trying to make the paper look like fabric, Tim tells her to look at it another way.

Irina is doing a trench coat with different textures of the newspaper to give the appearance of fur. Kind of stunning so far.

Next, Tim visits Johnny and goes full on harsh! “It looks like a bunch of kindergartners did it!” I fully agree! And I guess so did Johnny, because he decides to scrap it and start with something new. Given that the designers only have one day to work on it, he’s going to be in trouble.

The models come in for a fitting, and we get to see the beginning stages of some of the garments. I think Gordana and Irina’s look pretty good. Johnny starts spewing some out of nowhere lie to his model about how he had to scrap his original dress because when he tried to iron it, the water sprayed all over the paper and destroyed it. No, you just don’t know what you’re doing, and you’re trying to cover your ass. AND to top it all off, he’s running out of time, but he starts doing a cross-word puzzle! Other designers are freaking out cause they don’t think they have enough time to finish, and Johnny’s playing games! Je deteste!

The designers go to bed, and get ready for the next day. They have a few more hours to work and style their models. I feel sort of sorry for the models. Some of the dresses are incredibly rigid and they’re going to have a tough time walking.


Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are both absent again this week. Boo. Double boo. The trio of Heidi, Mike, and Ni-Gar (…) really work and I wish they would reunite. Donovan made a good point though that possibly the change in cities makes the commute hard for them to make the show.


Anyway. In their place we get noted american fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. Editor for Marie Claire Zoe Glassner, and guest judge from Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria Parker.

Likes: Irina, Gordana (oh my god, get a new model. Tara looks good, but walks like a freak!), Logan (mostly because Koji is hot, and I want to have her Irish babies)
Dislikes: Nicolas, Johnny, and if I had to pick one more I guess Carol Hannah’s. Everyone except Nic and John did really well.

Top three designers are Irina, Althea, and Christopher. Bottom three are Nicolas, Johnny and … WHAT? GORDANA!? NOOO!


Althea’s was pretty good, though, it crumpled and folded oddly when it came down the run way. I didn’t expect her to get top three. She had immunity and still brought out something good though, so props to her.


Christopher’s was beautiful. I didn’t get the bodice at the beginning because it changed colours depending on how the light hit it, but once I saw the hole thing, I loved it. Wow, talk about effort. You can tell he really liked this challenge. Also props to him.


Irina’s trench coat was inspiring. Tommy Hilfiger and Eva fawned over it. It totally deserved the win. The faux-fur gave the newspaper such a fine dose of elegance. Anyone could be a paper-bag princess with this coat.


Gordana got the same criticism from the judges as Tim. It was “wearable” and “simple”. She kept it simple. It was designed well, and made well, but I guess the judges were looking for more. She fortunately didn’t get the boot and hopefully she’ll take the criticism well.


Even though I liked Nicolas’ outfit last week, I HATE it this week. He says he got his inspiration from punk? What exactly does he think punk is? Nothing special. The shoulder studs were just, just, blegh. He’s lucky Johnny sucked it up this week, cause this was an outfit that was elimination worthy.


Heidi called Johnny out on how his dress looked put together in a short amount of time and he regurgitated his lie about the water ruining his original “Dior” dress. *cough*BULLSHIT*cough*. Good thing Nicolas had the balls to set the record straight. Tim said it looked like shit, so you started over. Story over. Heidi also commented that his model looked like she was “going to work” aka off to hook! Total mess. Johnny, you were the weakest link left in the bunch, and you were rightly sent home.

  • James

    Um, actually Tim COMPLIMENTED Gordana. He said he loved where she was going with it, or something. You were clearly confuzzled by the judges’ stupidity, methinks.

    Althea’s print was fabulous. How did she find that AND work it so perfectly? Ingenious. Irina’s would’ve been better if it were more colorful. But my disdain for her is growing because she’s a total cuntweed.

    Aw, no, Carol Hannah should not be in the b3, you silly fool. Louise! Did you miss her hot-roller Minnie Mouse nightmare?! Good Lord. Love Louise, hated that–but Nicolas was worse.

    Oh, and you rock for putting Logan in your Top 3. I really adored his Asian-style asymmetrical outfit. It’s so chic and wearable and the only terrific output from the stud. I especially love the choice of color, don’t you? I’m a sucker for teal/turquoise in general, but it was eye-popping. Shoulda made this challenge have a Top 4 for Logan and a Bottom 2 WITHOUT GORDANA. So wrong. Sooo wrong.