Project Runway Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: “You Went With The Safest Thing, And Honestly, That Never Pays Off.”


Ugh, there just aren’t enough hours in the day anymore. The few hours a week I allow myself to watch t.v. are filling up fast now that Mad Men, Project Runway, ANTM and other great shows are coming back for their fall season starts. At least True Blood is finished it’s second season. That will free up some time. So, my apologies for the lateness again.

Last week, the designers were put in teams. The tragic mess that is Mitchell was FINALLY sent home, and Ra’mon pulled out two winning looks all by himself. This week, we continue with the easy challenges. The designers have their models as their clients and have to make them a dress for an important industry function. Who will pull out all the stops? And who will be sent packing?

We’re down to thirteen designers, and I’m finally starting to get a feel for all of their personalities and design aesthetics. I’m still lovin’ Ms. Gordana, and hating Johnny and Qristyl.

So, as I mentioned above, the models are the clients for this challenge. As if there was enough cross promotion between PR and the new half hour Models of the Runway show, Lifetime puts in another gentle reminder.

Epperson gets a full dictionary of adjectives from his model Matar. Sexy, romantic, chic, fitted, short, romantic, punk… tiger… So, an animal print with a pink mohawk, what’s so hard. Duh.

Two early mismatches come up. Louise has more of a victorian, goth feel, where her model Fatma wants bright red. Logan and his model Koji (side note, I love Koji. She’s stunning) are also on two different wave lengths. It’s funny, Fatma used to be Logan’s model, but he switched to Koji. I think Koji and Louise would be perfect together, and hope that Louise realizes this and tries to steal her.

A lot of the designers are panicking over some of their model’s taste levels, but Althea and Ra’mon are pleased as punch with this challenge and feel like they’ve got it easy.

After some sketch time, the designers go to Mood with a $100 budget. The segments at Mood are really just filler at this point. I know it can show the designers’ thought processes, but unless two of them are fighting over some fabric, I think we could skip it.

It seems like the editors are really trying to stretch for interesting content this season. There are a couple of segments in this and past episodes that just seem like filler. There are 13 designers still. Show more of the stages of construction, and more of Tim’s critiques!

Speaking of which, following a couple of hours of construction time, Tim comes around and checks in with the designers. Althea is making a three-piece suit / skirt which at the beginning looks like quite a mess. Don’t really know where this outfit is going to go.

Next up, Tim visits first challenge winner Christopher. snorrrrre. Chris hasn’t done anything else to impress. And his colour choice this week is blinding.

Qristyl gets told that her outfit looks like “she’s been rolling around in a bed”. She’s been in the bottom three twice now, and I have no confidence in her abilities. Not to compete at this level anyway.

Logan is fighting with trying to make Koji happy while still keeping his style. The words “Smurf” and “Prom dress” were thrown around. yikes.

Everyone else is pretty much glossed over.

A lot of the models have been swooning over Logan, and even one of the guest judges commented on his looks, but with his turned up nose, I kind of think he looks like a mole rat. no?


Anyway, the designers finish up on the second day, and get their models ready for the runway.

Irina finally shows a bit of personality with this quote: “No one’s really looks like crap, but I did think Althea’s looked like crap.” Careful Irina, you might be eating those words later on. Christopher gives one of the most cliched opinions on Epperson’s dress “Either the judges are going to love it, or their going to hate it”. That phrase needs to be thrown into the trash, right along with ANTM’s “The camera loves you”… ON TO THE RUNWAY!

Both Michael Kors AND Nina Garcia are away this week so we’re treated to three guest judges: American designer Marc Bouwer, Marie Claire editor Zoe Glassner, and costume designer Jennifer Rade.

Likes: Nicolas (seriously, how did that not make top three), Louise, Gordana if it was in a different colour
Dislikes: Johnny (snore), Qristyl (SNORE), Christopher (green-snore)

Top three this week, Althea, Carol Hannah, and Epperson. Bottom three this week, Qristyl, Johnny, and Logan.

I didn’t really getCarol Hannah’s soft top with the hard pencil skirt. I thought it was ok, but there was something about the fit in the top that was slightly off-putting to me.

Epperson’s dress was extremely well put tailored. He put together a complicated stretch fabric lattice that fit the model superbly. I guess he was able to edit the plethora of adjectives that his model threw at him to make something beautiful.

Althea’s three-piece made her model looked so good. It mixed business with fabulous to really make her stand out. Her boobs were kind of all over the place, but sometimes that’s good. She came away with the win.

Johnny’s was called “wearable”, which wasn’t a compliment. The judges were spot on with their critique: his dress was lame and uninspired.

Logan obviously couldn’t deal with the battle between making his client happy along with designing something good. A classic PR problem. The lace in his dress was a mess, and the skirt was uber-prom.

Qristyl made an old model look REALLY old. Horrible. She’s the one to get the boot, and she deserved it, though I wish they would have booted Johnny too.

I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention Jen Rade’s comment to Qristyl’s model, Valerie. After Heidi asks her if she likes the dress and Valerie replies yes, Jen says: “And that’s why Valerie isn’t a designer, right?” “Yeah” “Thank God” Ha Ha! And then the look Valerie gave after. DAGGERS!


There are only a couple designers left that don’t really have any chance in getting to the end. We might start seeing some real competition in the upcoming episodes. I can’t wait!

  • James

    Hey! Great recaps. I’m going to visit here from now on. I completely forgot how I found it–probably looking for shirtless men or something, as usual–but I’m glad I did.

    I wish Epperson made your Top 3, but I completely agree regarding Louise and Gordana–very underrated garments. I disagree about Nicolas–it was okay, but the bosom area was stiff and didn’t conform well. It was like wearing poster board.