Heidi’s taking a little beauty nap. She’s exhausted from the long weekend, and so am I, hence the lateness for the recap.

Last weeks pregnancy challenge revealed a few more details about this seasons crop of designers. The weak stayed weak, some unexposed talents shined magnificently and all in all we saw some interesting designs.

This week’s episode was one for the history books, as we got the first team challenge of season six! The challenge for this week is to design an outfit in teams of two for beach wear. But that’s not all, as the competition heats up with the first real twist.

Team members will fight, feelings will be hurt, and ultimately another designer must go home.

We start off the episode by hearing from the survivors of last week’s bottom three, Ra’mon and Mitchell. Ra’mon started off strong, but floundered last week. Mitchell’s just been a plain old mess and he should be counting his lucky stars that he hasn’t been sent packing yet.

After the traditional speech from Heidi, the designers are told that they’ll be going to an LA hot spot to hear about this week’s challenge. Surprise, it’s the beach, where we’re presented with this season’s most exciting outfit yet: Tim Gunn in flip flops.


Oh how I worry for Tim and his pasty skin. I hope he had SPF 50 on. Mentor Gunn fills the designers in on the challenge this week: Create a fun and fashionable surfwear look. Which by the looks of these ladies either means afro-chic, or lame-o prints. I don’t like this challenge. Again it’s too easy.


Another Project Runway tradition comes back as Tim tells the designers they’ll be working in teams of two.

Randomly picked team leaders include Shirin, Logan, Nicolas, Mitchell, Althea, Qristal, and Johnny.

Shirin chooses Carol Hannah to form team Sweet Valley High, Logan chooses Christopher to form the Gay Straight Alliance, Nicolas picks Gordana for team Eastern Bloc, Mitchell selects Ra’mon for team Bottom, Althea goes with Louise to create team Not Quite the Winners, Qristyl is with Epperson for team Old Ethnic so that means Johnny is left with Irina to make up team Got Meth?

Upon picking Ra’mon, Mitchell actually says “I wanted to work with someone that could carry me on this challenge.” Someone needs to send this little boy back home.

The designers get some time to talk with the Surfer models, and then it’s off to Mood.

Team Old Ethnic butt heads fairly early on. Qristyl was selected as leader, but Eppy is taking over the team. Team Bottom argues over who wants to be the worst of the two. All the other teams seem to at least be getting along.

The teams go back to their work spaces and start constructing for a couple of hours before Tim comes in and drops the surprise. Each team has to design a second avant-garde look.


Althea looks confused. Two is one more than one, honey. Use your fingers to count if you get lost. :)

One designer from each team is sent back to Mood to pick up the fabric for the second design.

Back at the work shop, more drama between Epperson and Qristyl. Epperson is coming off as a real asshole, with his condescending explanations on how to sew to Qristyl. I’m siding with her on this one. Mitchell is ensuring his home in the bottom three again this week by pretty much doing nothing. I guess he’s taking his plan of having someone carry him literally.

Team Eastern Bloc is a very pretty beachwear look, but their avant-garde piece is a little… trashy.


On the second day, Tim comes around and critiques the designs. Everyone gets some good comments except Team Bottom (d’uh). Their original avant-garde look was inspired by a wet-suit, but it looks awful and it has no cohesion with their beachwear look. Ra’mon steps up and scraps it completely to create something new.

The designers go to bed, and arrive at the studio for runway day.

Ra’mon is rushing to get both garments done as Mitchell is about as useful as tits on a bull. Team Old Ethnic are both individually strategizing as to how they’re going to defend themselves.

On to the runway!

Michael Kors is away again this week, filling in is Max Azria, founder of BCBG. And guess judge actress Rachel Bilson.

Likes: Team Eastern Bloc’s beachwear, Team Gay Straight Alliance
Hates: Team Old Ethnic, Team Bottom’s avant-garde

Too be honest, I wasn’t too impressed with anything this week. Most of the second looks were avant-garde in name only, and not a lot of the teams had cohesion.

Teams Sweet Valley High, Gay Straight Alliance, and Not Quite the Winners are all safe and are sent off the runway. After this, I would’ve guessed that Team Eastern Bloc and Team Got Meth? would have been top two, but shockingly, Team Bottom is in the top two teams, and the Eastern Bloc is in the bottom! Shocking! But that’s just the beginning…

Although Team Bottom received the top marks, a little prodding from Heidi brings out that Mitchell did almost nothing and Ra’mon was the whole team. The judges loved the avant-garde hand-dyed neoprene outfit… though I hated it. It looked a mess, and how would that be comfortable?

Team Old Ethnic get questioned by the judges and the arguments start up again. Qristyl was the team captain, and yet Epperson just wouldn’t let her talk. He was an early favourite of mine, and she was an early un-favourite, but it’s definitely reversed for me now. Epperson’s a bitch.

Team Got Meth? did well and received good marks. I wasn’t too impressed though, not memorable.

Team Eastern Bloc got in trouble for their avant-garde look. We’ve already seen that the judges aren’t buying the weird stuff this season, so it was curious for them to do those skin tight doily leggings.

The judges deliberate, and the designers are brought out to learn their fates. Right away, Ra’mon is announced as the winner. He wasn’t even team leader! This guy is the Project Runway yo-yo. Top three one week, bottom three the next, then winner the week after. Crazy. Oh, but wait… Mitchell is left standing on the runway. Heidi tells Team Got Meth? and Team Eastern Bloc that they’re all safe.

So we have the two angry arguers from Team Old Ethnic, and the useless mess from Team Bottom. Could PR really pick the winner AND loser from the same group!? Epperson is safe I think due to him not being the leader of the group, though he definitely was the cause of the distress.

Qristyl is blasted for her leadership skills, and Mitchell is scolded again for not taking the competition seriously. FINALLY, he gets the boot! Oh thank jesus. That was a long time coming, and congrats to Ra’mon for surviving that nightmare.

The thing that pisses me off the most is that Max Azria is shown at the end saying “Nice Guy”. AND in the Model’s of the Runway episode immediately following the elimination all the models fawn over how sweet Mitchell is. THAT’S IRRELEVANT! He was a shit designer, with no discipline. I’m convinced it’s his little boy cuteness that saved him the first two weeks, which makes me mad.

All in all, sort of a lackluster episode for clothing, but a good one for drama. We’re finally rid of Mitchell, and it’ll be interested to see if Qristyl and Epperson will clash again.