Project Runway Season 6 Episode 2 Recap


Episode two wasn’t much of a change from last week. We have another celebrity judge, Mitchell can’t sew, and Marvin is weird and pretentious.

This weeks celebrity judge is formal model and current T.V. & movie star Rebecca Romijn (sans Stamos). Romijn is now married to fellow T.V. and movie star Jerry O’Connell and at the time of taping was pregnant with twins. Awwww.

And there’s the premise for this week’s challenge. Design a chic pregnancy look. They can design for any type of event. Unfortunately, no one chose to design for the actual birth and we got a bunch of lame dresses. I wonder if there’s any coincidence with the fact that the show moved to the Lifetime Network and that they’re doing a pregnancy challenge. Good thing they didn’t move to the Discovery Channel, or they might have had to make a dress for an elephant… On second thought, same thing really.

Before we start, I just have to say love Gordana so far. She’s a mommy, so she’ll have a bit of an edge for this challenge. Hey Gordana, how big did your boobs get when you were pregnant?


Great! Thanks!

We start of with all the male designers losing their shit, because *gasp* they’ve never done maternity wear before. Cue to all the women designers smirking delightfully.

Christopher thinks that last week wasn’t just luck, and that he’s going to win all the challenges. He’s also decided to go to war at a daycare with his knitted camo helmut. Barf.


Ramon, the former student in neuro-surgery claims that Rebecca looks like she’s in her “early second semester”. Oh… my… Good choice switching to fashion buddy. I don’t think I’d want you operating on me. I’m thinking he less likely dropped out of NS school, and more likely never got accepted.

Tim Gunn comes in all red-faced and bushy-eyed to tell the designers that they’ll have a budget of $100 and two days to complete this challenge. Again with the easy challenge. Good budget amount, pretty much free reign with what they want to design. Although these challenges would appear to be more like what the designers would face in the real world, I want some kooky challenges goddammit! Make me a dress out of water and farts!

The designers finish their sketches and it’s off to Mood! I love how PR tries to make the fabric selection process seem like this hectic, crazy, NASCAR like event. I’d love to see a designer crash and burn into the organza!

While in Mood, we see the gayest thing on the show since Austen Scarlet


Honey, please let Uli or Korto show you how to work a print. Double barf.

Ugh, by the way. I’m finding it really hard to distinguish between Shirin and Irina, and also between Carol Hannah and Althea. Stop casting look-a-likes!

We’re getting to see a little bit more of Althea and Louise, which is nice. Still not much happening with Epperson, Nicolas, or much from Logan. I think 16 designers a season might be a bit much.

Malvin is taking inspiration from his hair and is designing a bird’s nest. A look that he calls “Mother Hen”.


Um, Ok.

On the second day, Tim comes around and speaks to all the designers, but in true PR fashion we only get to see the consults of the people who will be in the top and bottom threes. Althea, Louise and Shirin’s garments all show promise. Louise hand dyed some lace which perfectly fits with the fabric colour she chose. Good eye on that girl. Shirin’s hand stitching pattern look so cute, and her fabric choice is a great colour as well.

Ramon, Mitchell, and Malvin’s pieces all look for one reason or another not up to par. Mitchell is having construction issues with his shorts, Ramon is designing for a bowler instead of a pregnant woman, and Malvin’s out to the coop. It’s definitely not a coincidence that three girls are getting praise, and three boys are in trouble.

The models come in for a fitting and they all have a laugh putting on the fake stomachs. Afterwords some of the designers start bashing on some of the others’ garments in the one-on-one with the cameras. Qristyl says that Johnny’s jacket is out dated (she’s right), Nicolas thinks nobody’s dresses are fitted or chic (not as right).

Side note: I hate the previews PR does before the commercial. They give too much away, especially with the runway. They show who’s getting critiqued, so you know who’s going to be top / bottom three.

The next day the designers finish up their garments, and it’s time for the runway! We have a second special guest judge this week filling in for Michael Kors, fashion designer Monique Lhuillier. I don’t know who she is, but at least they didn’t fill the empty spot with a past contestant like they’ve done before.

Likes: Shirin, Louise, Christopher’s bubble skirt was appropriate, Gordana
Dislikes: Ramon, The piping on the side of Johnny’s, and Logan’s was boring and safe

As I said before, top three were Shirin, Louise, and Althea.


Louise’s outfit was altogether awesome. She put so much thought into it, from the hand dyed lace, to the panels in the side and stomach, to the styling. Top marks for sure.


Although I think Althea seems a bit confused sometimes (Tim had to help her out on where / when it would be appropriate for her garment to be worn), she ultimately put together something great this week. There was issues with the size of the breast cups, especially for a pregnant woman who’s only going to get bigger, but the dress was pretty and looked great. Because of these issues though, she didn’t deserve to win, and thankfully didn’t.


I’m beginning to become a bit of a fan of Shirin. I liked her dress last week, and this week she earned the win. The dress itself was enough for top three, but paired with the jacket with that great lining, she had it in the bag. It reminded me a little bit of the outfit Leanne did last year with the 20s look, the jacket and the awesome dress. Can’t wait to see more from her.

With the win, Shirin gains immunity for next week.

The bottom three consisted of Mitchell, Ramon and Malvin. I agree with Mitchell and Ramon, but I disagree with Malvin.


Ramon had delusions of how great his garment was, I think from him placing in the top three last week. The dress had obvious construction issues. A lot of puckering in between the panels. And it was mentioned more than once, the stomach looked like a bowling bag. No doubt about it. Maybe Ramon was channeling his next career change: Professional bowler… on second thought, maybe not with wrists that limp.


Heidi said she liked the idea of Mitchell’s outfit, and I agree. It’s cute, but it’s a construction mess! Pair this with his weak outing last time and it all adds up to someone who’s just not ready for this competition. He has some good ideas, but he needs to work on getting the whole package together: time, fit, construction, and concept.


The judges thought that the front part of Malvin’s design looked too much like a sling that a baby was actually in, rather than someone still waiting to give birth. I don’t think he helped himself by explaining his concept either. None of the ladies were feeling his chicken vibe, although they did like the feather detailing he did on the top.

Ultimately, the lady judges clucked at Malvin’s design and he was sent away. I completely disagree with this episodes result. I think both Mitchell and Ramon’s outfits were ten times worse that Malvin’s. What Project Runway has ultimately done is kicked out the two more eccentric designers and kept amateur sewers. Mitchell had a second chance and he blew it. This isn’t baseball, you shouldn’t get a third strike.

The detailing on Malvin’s top was interesting, and his pants were well made. I fear that we’ll miss out on some awesome outfits from Malvin, and I would’ve loved to see more of his off-kilter commentary about his own designs.

  • Monique Lhuillier is a big time wedding dress designer. I believe she did Britney’s dress when she wed Federline and also Heidi Montag’s dress.

    In addition to your fave outfits, I also really liked Irina’s blue dress with the sash and Epperson’s jumpsuit sans that tacky jacket.

  • I liked epperson’s too, without the jacket. But it also looked a little weird from the side. I still think he’s got a lot more to show us.

  • Did NOT like epperson’s… glad shirin won… i always cringe when they let the early 20-something girls talk though and the giggling and the “like… like…like” starts up.
    Hoping for crazier challenges as well… though “farts” was it? isn’t exactly my top choice, but maybe using parts of a garden or something like that would be cool 😛