Oooh, last challenge before Bryant Park! Anybody remember Ari Fish? Or Mitchell Whatshisname? Over the last eleven weeks, we’ve seen the same number of designers miss their mark.

Last week, lady favourite Logan made a hideous mess and was sent packing. Five designers remain for the last challenge, which for the third week in a row, is an inspiration challenge. Damn, I was hoping for a drag queen / female wrestler / these are high end designers, but let’s kick one out because they can’t do niche pieces challenges.

Irina and Althea are a little awkward toward each other because of the plagiarism accusations of last week. Meanwhile, Christopher can whack off as loud as he wants now, as he’s the last man / boi left and is alone in the apartment. I bet he cries during that too.

The inspiration for the challenge this week comes from the Getty Center. LA mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa greets the designers on site to introduce the challenge (oh please don’t let him be the guest judge this week).

The designers get to walk around the quite impressive building with their models to sketch and be influenced.


To check out the Project Runway Season Six Gallery, click the picture above.

Irina and Gordana both get inspired by paintings, Carol Hannah picks a huge French draped bed, Althea chooses the architecture of the building, a lot of vertical and horizontal lines. Christopher walks past all the historic relics and paintings in the beautiful building and sits next to a ho-hum ordinary stone fountain. He makes this big schpeel about how he finds beauty in everything, and bla bla bla, go chase a plastic bag American Beauty before your heart explodes.

One last trip to Mood where the designers pick their fabrics, then it’s back to the work room. I kind of wish they would play “You’re the Best Around” from the Karate Kid over the Mood montages. Give it a little more drama.

A couple of episodes ago, when there were seven designers left, there was a great little segment with them all sitting around the apartment having a drink together. All of that camaraderie is gone now, and the claws are out. The twelve weeks of intense working has finally gotten to everyone. The aforementioned Althea / Irina tension is enveloping the room, and even Gordana snips at Carol Hannah at one point. Kind of sad.

Tim comes around for more of his now classic advice. Irina is designing road kill, Carol Hannah gets some editing advice, and Gordana gets a little emotional over how beautiful the dress and the painting are.

The next day, the designers put the finishing touches on their garments, and style their models, then it’s OFF TO THE RUNWAY! ONE LAST TIME!

Judges this week are fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, Nina Garcia, and guest judge Cindy Crawford (gasp! ooh, pretty!)

Michael Kors couldn’t be bothered to show up to arguably the most important challenge, because he had a coupon for 50% Dairy Queen that was about to expire.


Althea’s outfit, inspired colour and structurally by the Getty Center itself, is quite honestly, ghastly. The bottom is quite obviously hiding an adult diaper, and her model Tanisha’s boobs are flopping all over the place, AGAIN! Poor showing.


Carol Hannah’s dress uses somewhat of the same colour palette as Althea (beige / gold) though the construction is miles ahead. Her inspiration was a blue / gold draped bed. Not really seeing the connection, though I do like the dress.


Christopher’s dress looks like a mixture of his previous dresses. The top looks like the gross turquoise neck piece that almost got him kicked off, the corset middle looks like the corset from the newspaper challenge, and the bottom, well, it’s just a long dress with some volume. Please don’t send him to fashion week. I don’t want to see more of this.


Gordana’s dress looks like a vagina. Her inspiration was a Monet painting. He might not approve, but George O’Keefe would be proud.


Irina’s dress looks Grecian. I quite like it. Although the editors are trying to make her THE contestant to hate this season, you can’t argue with her output.

The judges had a little hate fest with everyone. Althea’s tailoring was a mess, Irina didn’t style her model properly, Gordana’s wasn’t wow enough (as usual), Carol Hannah’s had a disconnect from her inspiration, and Christopher’s bottom was too heavy.

They also had good things to say as well. Irina’s colour choice and back were beautiful, Carol Hannah’s construction and fit were perfect, Crawford said she could see herself wearing Gordana’s, they liked Christopher’s top, and Althea… well, she has the rest of her portfolio to get her through.

Christopher has one last cry fest, while also patting himself on the back for being unique enough to see the beauty of algae on a rock fountain. I’ll give him props for the rarely seen self-praise cry, but get a grip. Andre did the EXACT same thing in season 2, in the Michael Kors challenge with his gutter dress. Also, he was a WAY better crier. Take notes Christopher.

Ultimately, two designers must be eliminated. Heidi asks all the designers why they should be one of the ones to go to fashion week (the only acceptable answer to me is “I make good clothes”, none of this “I want it so bad” bullshit), and which two should come with them. Answers are:

Irina: Althea, Gordana
Christopher: Irina, Carol Hannah
Carol Hannah: Christopher, Althea
Althea: Carol Hannah, Irina
Gordana: Christopher, Irina

So, Irina gets three votes, Gordana gets one, and the rest get two.


After the judges deliberate, they reveal that Irina will be going to fashion week, Christopher will NOT be going (thank you, thank you thank you), Carol Hannah will be going, leaving Althea and Gordana on the runway to battle for the last position.

Now if you’ve regularly been reading my recaps, you know I was an early Gordana fan. If you compare her portfolio with what Althea’s produced though, there’s really no decision. The judges make the right decision (for once) and send Althea through to New York.

No big surprises this episode. The three designers going have all been consistent throughout the competition. I don’t think any of them were in the bottom three even once. That’s pretty impressive.

Next week is the first of two parts to the finale. If you’re impatient you can find the final collections online somewhere. New York fashion week was months ago and the pictures have been available for a long time. I will be waiting for the show to see the final collection.

Based on talent, I think Irina has it in the bag, but based on editing, I think Althea is coming out with the win. I love Carol Hannah, especially as the show got into its last weeks, but we can’t have a young mousy white girl win two seasons in a row.

Poor Gordana, she looked so crushed that she isn’t going to the final. I wish her all the best.

Until next week!