Last week on Project Runway, the designers were handed a challenge from occasional judge and consistent bitch Michael Kors to design an outfit inspired by a city. The usual top performers performed well, and again Christopher was in the bottom three. And AGAIN he was safe.

This week, with six people left and one more challenge after this one, the designers had to make a look based off one of their winning looks… Oh, except for Logan, because he never won. I’m sorry, why is Epperson not still in this competition?

I was impressed with most of last weeks looks. Here’s hoping this week can produce something good as well.

At the beginning of the episode, Logan and Christopher verbalize what we’ve all noticed. The boy talent this season is lacking. Out of the six designers left, these two are clearly the worst and I think they know it.

On the runway, all the designers are facing away from the catwalk so that their past outfits can be set out on the stage. When they turn around, Heidi let’s them know that the challenge is to make a companion piece that compliments and enhances their best previous look. I enjoy the premise of this challenge. It makes sense as a fashion challenge. Designers have to be able to make a cohesive look in a collection, so this should give a hint as to who will thrive at Bryant Park.

During the construction period, the claws come out. Althea accuses Logan of copying her collar from a previous challenge, then she accuses Carol Hannah of being a one-trick pony because she always does dresses. Then Irina pipes in and claims that actually, Althea is copying her Aspen look with her giant sweater sleeves. I always wonder what happens when the competition is finished and the designers see what the others said about them. They used to have the reunion episode (Season 2’s was epic), but not since Season 3.

The designers had 1 day to finish their look, and then it was off to the runway!

This week’s judges are now constant, Nina Garcia, Season 2 designer and FIDM instructor Nick Verreos, and Loreal face, and actress Kerry Washington (who?).


Carol Hannah’s look is yawn. The bust fits oddly. I’m not loving it as much as some of her previous outfits. Maybe she should try for something other than a dress next time.


Althea’s isn’t impressing me either. Her ‘paper bag’ waisted pants, and GIANT sweater look very craft project. I can’t see anyone leaving the house with this outfit.


What the hell Logan? The Sci-Fi movie challenge was weeks ago. What were you thinking.


I don’t like Irina’s either. Wow, bad week! I’ll give her some kudos for cohesion. You can really see how this look fits with her Aspen look. The dress looks like somebody shot and skinned the couch though.


Gordana’s look was boring. What is wrong with that collar? Four different flaps that are all over the place. It pains me to write this, but: Barf


Which leaves us finally with Christopher. Oh lord, I hate it. Volume is not something that he did well this week.

Sigh, not a great week. I don’t love any of the looks, but if you make me choose, I like Carol Hannah’s dress, and I think Christopher should go home based on his whole portfolio (shitty corollary number #2 for not having regular judges is that they don’t recognize who is consistently bad, or good either).

Althea and Irina have it out on the runway over plagiarism. Irina accuses Althea of copying her Aspen look.

Top three this week are kind of expected, Althea, Irina, and Carol Hannah. I guess Althea gets the last laugh on the plagiarism accusation since she wins this week.

Bottom three are the two boys, and Gordana. Christopher is safe first, leaving Gordana and Logan left on the runway. Logan is criticized for turning up the volume too much and is sent home.

It was a long time coming. He wasn’t the strongest designer on this season. One more challenge until Bryant Park, which either means double elimination next week, or else there will be four collections this year. Can’t wait to see how unimpressed I’ll be next week.