Sunny Fong: Can our fave pull it off in the end?

There are only three designers left in season two of Project Runway Canada. There is a clear favorite: his name is Sunny Fong, and I adore him. I’ve got some love for Jessica Biffi and her wannabe gangsta self, but she just doesn’t measure. And then there is Jason Meyers… how the hell is he still here after that heinous Post-It challenge? Ugh. Seriously!? Adejoke unfortunately got ripped off by a classic reality TV twist.

But, more about Sunny and his season-long domination. I’ve never quite seen anything like it on a competition-based reality TV show, and I watch A LOT of reality TV. Every look he has thrown down that runway has been brilliant, fending off attacks by the mean girls one by one. He listened to the judges, created new silhouettes when he needed to, steered clear of the drama, and rocked his cute little leather holster all season long. Seriously, how cute was he phoning home to his boyfriend? Sunny for the win!

Sunny, who lives in Toronto- shout out to my T-Dot Homo Honey Jenn for getting me in touch with him – actually launched his own line in 2004, but needs this win to inject more cash into it. VAWK is hot. Did you see the shots from Tuesday’s ep? Fierce.

Can he lose? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Nothing is ever certain in reality TV. Have the producers set us up for the come from behind Biffi special? Or worse yet, are we looking down the barrel of a 2xist tank top takeover by Jason?

Side note, can we talk about the fierceness that is Iman? Ciao. Love her. She kicks Heidi’s auf wiedersehen blond locks right out off the runway.

Check out Project Runway on Tuesday to see if Sunny can pull it off at Toronto Fashion Week and then come back to to see how our exclusive interview with Sunny goes down!

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