Project Runway All-Stars Season 2 Cast Announced

With exception to a couple of names, most of the returning designers don’t deserve another chance to come back, let alone be called All-Stars. Ivy Higa, seriously!?!?!? At least Project Runway Season 1 original villain Wendy Pepper won a couple of challenges. Higa was just a sour beyotch throughout her season. Speaking of Season 8, she’s joined by two castmates (Peach Carr and Casanova) who also didn’t make much of a fashionable impact. That said, there are a couple of designers I’m really happy are back. Joshua McKinley and Uli Herzner were both runner-ups in their respective season and definitely deserve another crack at the grand prize. It’s their competition to lose, IMHO.

Returning to the judging panel are Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman. Joanna Coles also returns as the mentor. After a bit of casting drama, supermodel Carolyn Murphy replaces Angela Lindvall as host for the second season. On tap for guest judge appearances are Katie Holmes, Kylie Minogue, Stacy Keibler, Liv Tyler, Gretchen Mol, Diane von Furstenberg, Jason Wu, Margherita Missoni, Charlotte Ronson, Rafe Totengco and Elie Tahari. Catch all the designing action when Project Runway All Stars Season 2 premieres Oct. 25 on Lifetime.

Wendy Pepper

Season: 1, Third Place
Challenges Won: 2
Bottom Showings: 6

Pepper had no business making it to New York Fashion week over Austin Scarlet. She had this knack to pull out a win when it mattered the most. Why Nancy O’Dell picked her dress over the others is beyond me. Will she bring her Survivor-esque strategy to the competition once again?

Andrae Gonzalo

Season: 2, 6th Place
Challenges Won: 1
Bottom Showings: 3

Remember when Santino Rice asked “Whatever happened to Andrae?” in his Tim Gunn voice? I guess we’ll find out when PR All-Stars Season 2 premieres. Once Andrae was able to keep his emotions under control, he designed well. Hopefully, he doesn’t have another crying breakdown on the runway. At least Nina Garcia won’t be there to chastise him for it.

Kayne Gillaspie

Season: 3, 5th Place
Challenges Won: 1
Bottom Showings: 6

If there’s another beauty pageant challenge, Kayne is golden. Otherwise, he’s hooped. Unless, of course, he’s moved on from this pageant aesthetic.

Uli Herzner

Season: 3, Second Place
Challenges Won: 2
Bottom Showings: 3

Personally, I think Uli should’ve won over Jeffrey Sebelia. Girlfriend was definitely robbed. And doubly robbed when she returned for the two hour All-Star Challenge. No one could mix and match prints like Herzner could. Not even Season 9 winner Anya Ayoung-Chee.

Suede Baum

Season: 5, 5th Place
Challenges Won: 1
Bottom Showings: 4

Hopefully, he’s stopped referring to himself in third person, because that got old real quick the first time around. The above dress was the only thing he made that impressed me. It was all downhill after that.

Althea Harper

Season: 6, 2nd Place
Challenges Won: 2
Bottom Showings: 0

Unlike her own late 80s trashy hooker look, Althea was able to create beautiful tasteful pieces. The above short-jacket combo was divine. Sadly, she faltered in the final showing, letting Russian mean girl Irina win.

Emilio Sosa

Season: 7, 2nd Place
Challenges Won: 4
Bottom Showings: 1

Even though he created some amazing pieces, especially his first creation (left) and the print-making challenge (right), I never really warmed up to Emilio. I thought he was too cocky for his own good.

Peach Carr

Season: 8, 11th Place
Challenges Won: 0
Bottom Showings: 2

Why is this woman even on here? As you can see, I couldn’t even pick one outfit she created on the show that I liked. If she outlasts anyone, it’ll be a travesty.


Season: 8, 10th Place
Challenges Won: 1
Bottom Showings: 3

There’s no denying Casanova was a memorable personality in Season 8. Sadly, his propensity to design older-skewing clothes did him in. If he can channel youthful looks like the one above, he could make it further than his Season 8 compatriots.

Ivy Higa

Season: 8, 8th Place
Challenges Won: 0
Bottom Showings: 4

What a negative Nelly this woman was? Like Peach, she never won a challenge. Was Lifetime so desperate to sign up designers for the second season? Or did they need another villain to face off against Wendy Pepper? If these two have a bitch off, I might forgive the network for inviting Higa back.

Anthony Ryan Auld

Season: 9, 7th Place
Challenges Won: 1
Bottom Showings: 3

Even though he only won one challenge, Anthony Ryan placed in the top, five times. He was definitely robbed a couple times, including for the dress above. The use of sunflower seeds for the neckline was brilliant. I’m definitely rooting for him to do well.

Laura Kathleen

Season: 9, 5th Place
Challenges Won: 1
Bottom Showings: 4

I used to call her Legally Blonde during her run on Season 9. She never really lived up to her promise. Maybe it was the pressure that did her in. Hopefully, she brings her “A” game this time around. Maybe a little bend and snap action might do the trick.

Joshua McKinley

Season: 9, 2nd Place
Challenges Won: 2
Bottom Showings: 3

Personally, this competition is between Uli Herzner and him. I loved the risks Joshua took and his craftsmanship was impeccable. Sure, he was bitchy and sometimes a bit intolerable, but he had the goods to back it up, unlike Higa.

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  • Rob

    Woooo that’s great!
    Shame on me but I’m actually liking lots of them
    Would have named a couple other designers but I think they might not want to come back

    I aggree with you though, except for a couple of them there aren’t many interesting fashion point of views but followers that never really showed anything that wow as to come back to an all stars

    anyway, I’m so gonna watch and hoping they put Wendy Pepper, Joshua and Ivy locked in the same room till only 1 survives 😛

  • m

    i wish korto (season 5), carol hannah (s6), and jay nicholas sario was here

  • Justin

    i think wendy pepper coming back is amazing i do not understand why people hated her so much on her season because i understood what her design aesthetic was and i do think she deserved to go to new york over scarlet because he was a more theatrical designer unlike wendy who designed for a modern women. i am so happy to see joshua, uli, and actually laura back since i loved joshua and ayna and if ayna was not there he would have won but he and laura were in the anya season all season long. i love my uli. im excited since last season was a letdown when mondo won.

  • Rob

    100% agree with @m!
    though by the way Korto left when she didn’t want the all stars special, I kinda supposed she wouldnt want to come back anymore

    Carol Hannah totally deserves to come back! she was great

  • Marc

    PR needs to end….or at least get off lifeline, I mean Lifetime. I look at Top Chef and wonder how that show has sustained better than PR. Since the jump, the cast just seems to be drama crazies that happen to sew. Best season based on talent was season 4. If there is talent, people will watch. There is too much other non sense on television to watch a bunch of sub par sewers bicker between each other. Also, Tim Gunn should have a counter point or be replaced all together.

    That all being said, I hope Uli does well as she is the least focused on air time and more focused on being a designer. Hasn’t there been enough seasons now to have the top 3, top four come back and compete. Or maybe PR should do a follow up on designers and see their day-to-day designer life. Top Chef, has done this. The best part of the finale shows are going to see the designers in their elements designing.

    I haven’t watched PR since, well, two or three years ago; I doubt I’ll watch all-stars too.

    sidenote: there is that latino guy that looked like that former contestant that came back for the first all-stars. Have they run out of designers that they casted the same person twice and changed the name? 😀

  • Adam

    Dono, your memory for this show NEVER ceases to amaze me. Joshua is gonna be bitchy drama and I can’t wait; Higa is a disaster; that you didn’t even put up a dress of Peach’s absolutely killed me hahaha.

    Mostly looking forward to Joanna Coles as mentor!

  • Dan

    Joshua and Anthony FTW! And I’d forgotten just how cute Anthony Ryan is! Loved him in S09, I was devastated when he was sent out.