Grindr Goes Mainstream: Introducing “Amicus”

For those of you not familiar with Grindr, it’s a gay social networking App for your phone (iOS, Android, & BlackBerry) where you can track down people you may be interested in based on their exact distance away from you at any given time. It is the world’s largest all-male location-based network, with over 1.5 million members in 180 countries, with 300,000 active daily users. Needless to say, it makes sense for them to take something that they’ve been successful with and bring it mainstream. They are now launching “Amicus,” which comes from the latin word meaning “friend”. More like friend with benefits.

“Users love our existing location-based mobile experience, and we recognize the demand for a mainstream app,” says Joel Simkhai, who is leading the project. “We’re thrilled to continue harnessing the power of location to deliver a compelling new global platform that fundamentally changes and improves the way we meet new people.”

“Location-based services have transformed the way we see and interact with the world around us, but they have had less impact on how we make new relationships,” adds Scott Lewallen, the project’s creative vision. “With Project Amicus our goal is to develop that next step, making it simple and convenient to meet.”

If you’re straight and interested in this App, go to and enter your contact info. Once the project is launched, you’ll be contacted with info on how to get started.

As with anything that tells people where you are at any given time, be smart and safe out there and exercise good judgement. There are creeps and criminals out there that may use the technology to prey on unsuspecting victims.

  • Kevin

    I guess you should check your facts before you publish your “articles”. Grindr exists only for the iPhone, they’ve been promising BB & Android versions forever but never been released. Just so you know.


  • Actually, it is available for Android and the Beta test is out for Blackberry. I got the information for my “article” from their “website” and “press release”, but I will say I don’t use Grindr myself.


  • Darren

    Umm, Kevin, just so ya know, maybe you should stay updated on a subject before attempting to correct someone. Although I’m not a fan of hookup apps, a few of my buddies are, and they all have androids.