Are you single? Looking for love? For those of us who use social networking sites/dating sites, the PROFILE PHOTO you post just may be the single most important aspect of your entire profile.

We all have one…we may even have several back logged. Some classic pictures include but are not limited to: Catwalk model-esque, athletic activity, half-naked self shot, killer smile/friendly, Derek Zoolander smirk (Kodie…ahem!)…the list is endless.

For me, I’m happily taken, but I’m down with a profile picture that reminds me of a fun memory (a night out with friends) or a great smile pic. I can’t even remember the last time I posted anything nearly risque (mind you, when you work in media, it’s just an unsaid rule). Keep in mind, if I had Redd’s body, maybe I’d reconsider.

So, if you find yourself “Zbornak-ing” on the couch with a crossword puzzle Saturday night (a la “Dorothy” from the Golden Girls) there’s good news ahead.

Here’s some helpful tips to help you post the best profile picture, from a website called And not just for the boys, you can also help out your sister/f-hag/fruit-fly/fav lesbian too!

The most effective profile shots for MEN are:

1. Those where he’s not wearing a shirt (shocking!)

2. Those where he’s posing with an animal (???) ** Jonny side note** “personally I prefer you with a lion…”

3. Those in which he is doing an athletic activity (baseball tops the list, followed by tennis and football)

4. Posing with a vegetable or food that is healthy and or manly (a salad, or ribs)

The most effective profile shots for WOMEN are:

1. Those where she’s making a “flirty” face while looking directly into the camera

2. Facebook-style photos where she uses her cell phone to take a self-portrait

3. And those where her cleavage is prominently displayed (not going to fight them on that one!)

And according to the study, the worst profile picture a man can post is wearing a hat (not sure if he’s got hair under there or not.) Also, one where he’s on vacation, while making a “flirty” face and looking away from the camera. (This one I don’t believe. I think a lot of us like a man who shows not only DOES he travel, but LIKES to travel and take pics. I find that totally sexy.)

On the other hand,the worst profile picture a woman can post is one where she’s posing with an animal, while making a “flirty” face and looking away from the camera. (LOL don’t pick up your cat and pose with it ladies, claiming with your sm-eyes “Look at me and my pussy”.)

And it actually doesn’t make much difference if your profile picture shows your face or not (although I would automatically think “BUTTERFACE”, right???). In fact, posting a photo that’s unusual, sexy or mysterious can actually generate more interest than if you post a photo that shows your face.

Good luck, and happy updating!