Tomorrow Let’s Get (RED)


…and no don’t attack Redd please, although he really should start spelling his name with a couple of brackets. GENIUS! And no, I’m not talking about Christmas, YET, although department stores tell me otherwise.

Tomorrow, December 1st is World AIDS Day, and we can all do our share to fight AIDS in Africa. The (RED) Campaign was co-counded by Bono, lead singer of U2, and is still going strong. He created a brand that every other brand in the world could adapt, from iPod’s to shoes (I own a great pair of Converse’s myself), to designer bags and clothes, to of course the infamous Gap shirts. Buying a (RED) product helps the treatment of AIDS in Africa with up to 50% of the profits going to the Global Fund.

So what can you do today? Well a couple of things. Firstly add (RED) to Facebook immediately because they have a kickass group on there. Change your profile picture to one of the pictures provided to help turn Facebook red in support. Then share the video provided so that everyone knows that all it takes is 40 cents per day to keep someone living with AIDS in Africa alive.


Next? Shop! The facebook group also has a “Shop(RED)” tab, where they provide a whole bunch of kickass merch you can purchase, along with a list of brands that offer RED products so that you can shop at their store or buy their stuff online and help provide those 40 cents/day.

Now (RED) is just one organization, but you can go to the World Aids Day official site to donate directly, to read or share stories about people directly affected by HIV and AIDS, to educate yourself or others, and to find out how to get directly involved with work in your area. The World’s Aids Campaign website is also a great site to see and post events happening in your part of the world.

Whether you’re turning (RED), donating directly, organizing an event, or sending out positive energy, get involved somehow on Tuesday and make a difference. We all have a long way to go in the fight against HIV and AIDS, but one year at a time, let’s continue to do our part.