Two Leading Ladies Duke It Out To Play Princess Diana

With the all the movies being made in Hollywood these days, it still shocks me that no studio has attempted to portray the life of Princess Diana. All of that is about to change. Based on the novel Diana: Closely Guarded Secret which was penned by Diana’s former bodyguard Ken Wharfe in 2009, the story will follow the more untold story of Diana and what she went through in the 11 years after Prince Harry’s birth. However, the film will not touch upon relationships and conspiracy theories.

Ewan McGregor has already been selected to play the role of Wharfe but it’s rumored that two of Hollywood’s blonde leading ladies are duking it out for the title role. Who are they you ask? I can’t give away all the secrets right away. Stephen Evans, producer of the Iron Lady is tied to the project and had this to say about the forthcoming project:

The emphasis on this really is authenticity and to discover what she went through. Unless you are a Diana freak, quite a lot of it will be unknown to the audience. The movie’s not saying she is unbelievably wonderful or she’s a pain in the neck, the audience can make their own view.

Are you curious to find out which two actresses could play Diana? Find out below.

Charlize Theron and Carey Mulligan have been pegged to potentially play the films title role. While I think Carey would absolutely fill the shoes of the shy and subdued side of Diana, Charlize can always come out with such wonderful transformations (ie: Monster) and I think her age is better suited for the part as well. But what do you think loyal Homorazzi readers? Vote below.

Who should play the the role of Princess Diana?

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  • Brendan

    What about Jessica Chastain? There were rumors that she was in the running for the role. Personally, I’d love to see her have a chance at it. Her roles in The Help and The Tree of Life were somewhat under-appreciated and I think she has the acting chops for Diana. It might me cool to see the “new girl” get a chance at an iconic role. If not, I feel Charlize is a much better choice over Carey…although Carey is wonderful in her own right.

  • Jaykumar B

    Carey is way too young for a role which requires such emotional depths… saying that i’d says hands down the girl is the most gifted actress her age… Jessica Chastain is suitable choice.. but my monies are so on for Charlize Theron..

  • Steve-O

    As long as an American DOESN’T play her i’ll be happy.

  • Peanut butter

    Emily Blunt. That is all.