Who’d You Rather: Prince William VS Prince Harry

While Tyrell is our resident would you rather I just couldn’t help myself when I thought of the idea of doing a would-you-rather article with a royal decree! With the official Royal Wedding just around the corner and Prince William moving towards being officially off the market (thanks to the stunning Kate Middleton), I thought it was a perfect time to tackle the lifelong question: Which Prince really makes you tingle?

Growing up watching these young men turn from small boys coyly standing next to their statuesque mother, Princess Diana, to the grown men we see throughout the media today, I have always had a slight infatuation with their upbringing, stature and overall dashing good looks. Granted, William was an obvious frontrunner early in life, blossoming into handsomeness during his teenage years. Harry wouldn’t be outdone, as he eventually grew into his charming good looks and eye catching red locks. Needless to say, I don’t have to say much about these two men that the world isn’t already well aware of (or hasn’t been reported before), so I’m simply going to jump to the goods and let you decide!

First, take a look back to the past (shown above) and gauge the boys as teenagers (not focusing on their hotness but to give you an understanding of how their handsomeness evolved)…

Second, let’s have a gander at both boys suited up with studly matching bowler hats…

Next, let’s compare the boys in more casual attire…

Naturally this would lead to us comparing the boys in traditional Military attire…

Naturally the boys have graced the covers of several magazines over the year, so let’s compare my personal favorites (and the hottest covers)…

Naturally the next comparison would be the two boys shirtless (although the above photo could definitely fit into this category for Prince Harry as well)…

And last but not least, I felt it was necessary to do a scandalous search for photos of each Prince, the following is what Google images provided, for your judging pleasure…

Well folks, now it’s up for you to decide. Has Kate Middleton scored the ultimate Prince, Prince William or is there still hope for everyone else out there to snag up the true hunk, Prince Harry?

Who'd You Rather? Prince William VS Prince Harry

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  • Sarah

    Had you asked me 10 years ago, without even thinking it would have been William. However, the years have been verrrrry good to Harry 😉


    In the last picture, a dude on the left is not Prince William.

  • Dan

    The last two pictures are what google provided when I searched “Prince William Naked” and “Prince Harry Naked” – never claimed they were legit pics of the two boys!

  • Princess Malikha of Kwait

    I’ll choose none of the two, if they were the only men left in the world i’d rather stay single for life..I may not be the richest princess nor the most beautiful among the princesses but one thing I am sure I don’t brag what i have and for what i am..(prince william often shouts at kate and says “nobody tells me what to do, do you know who i am?)…

  • deborah

    is that really Prince Harry naked pictures ? because I saw 2 kind of his naked pictures, yes he is sexy and I adore him but I do wish those naked pictures are fake.

  • Dan

    Hi Deborah – I’m not too sure actually. I simply searched in Google for their photos and those are the pictures that came up in the results. 🙂

  • amanda pichardo

    hola me gusta

  • Laurine Mall

    That girl sure likes Harry’s butt, wonder if they do any kinky stuff?

  • Laurine Mall

    Cus she is grabbing it

  • Michael

    Wills has a better bod, but Harry’s mop of ginger hair would look lovely as he worked his way up my legs!

  • t

    is it not weird that despite william is the classic handsome one, people always seem to go for harry? why is that? i remember i read this old interview once, where prince charles commented that harry actually receives more love letters than williams while they were still at eton. But yes, there is something dare devil in harry that make him so attractive

  • Ricardo Malta Rodriguez-Ungaro III

    harry is hung like a horse

  • Dee

    Both of these princes are super hot, but Will is the hottest as far as I’m concerned. Absolutely gorgeous, would love to lick that hairy chest, and a hole lot more.