Man Crush: Prince Carl Philip Of Sweden

Yes, I admit it. I still have royal fever. After watching William and Kate’s fairy tale wedding, I was inspired to look for my online prince charming for my Man Crush feature. There was the obvious choice of picking Prince Harry. I love me a hot gingy, but I wanted to scope the royal landscape and find another hottie. It didn’t take me long to discover Carl Philip Edmund Bertil aka the Prince of Sweden. He’s so crushworthy, Forbes Magazine named him the 9th hottest royal. Shame on you Forbes, he should be higher than that.

Apparently, IKEA isn’t the only think Sweden has to be proud of. Prince Carl Philip is one fine-looking dude. He’s the spitting image of Orlando Bloom. Being the eldest son of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden, you would think he’d be the first in line for the throne. That would be true in most Commonwealth realms. Unfortunately for him, a change in the Act of Succession to introduce equal primogeniture stripped him of that. Now he’s second in succession after his older sister, Crown Princess Victoria. Sucks to be him, but at least he can just party and not worry about too many royal obligations , pretty much like Prince Harry.

You must be wondering what this Prince’s relationships status is. Sadly, he’s taken. He was in a long term relationship with Emma Pernauld, but ended in March 2009. Currently he’s dating former Swedish reality TV star and model, Sofia Hellqvist. The two are now living together in Carl’s apartment near the royal palace. Here’s a funny story. When his new girlfriend moved into his apartment, she wanted a lot of interior decorating changes because there were still remnants of his old girlfriend there. When purchasing new furniture, the royal prince was seen shopping at IKEA. Hilarballs, right? Enough background, let’s get on with the shirtless pics.

I’d like to see his royal jewels.

Looking mischievously handsome in the backseat.

So many medals. I’m sure one must be for looking so hot.

I love a man in (and especially out of) a uniform. He makes one juicy seaman, doesn’t he?

Not bad Prince Philip, not bad. I’d bow to him any day of the week.

Riding on a saddle. I guess he’s not into riding bareback. LOL.

Just when I thought he couldn’t look hotter, he does. Love those sunglasses.

Hanging out with Charlize. They never dated, but they should.

One last look at his handsome face. God save the Prince.

  • Steve-O

    Very hot!! you should also check out the princes Andrea Casiraghi and Pierre Casiragh from the royal family of Monaco, blonde hot party boys…plus Grace Kelly was their grandmother!

  • Paolo

    he looks a lot like Henry Cavill too!