Get ready for a bit more testosterone, muscles and pecs come October on “The Price Is Right“. For the first time in the game show’s 40 year history, a male model will be featured on the show. If you’re like me, I, too, was a little surprised when I learned that a man has never presented any of the showcase showdowns. The horror 😉 It’s about time gender equality took place on the show.

During the Bob Barker-hosted era, the female models prancing around in bikinis and cleavage-baring dresses were referred to as “Barker’s Beauties“. When Drew Carey took over, the term was dropped and now they’re simply known as “The Price is Right Models“. BORING!!! So, how will producers determine which lucky male will win the honor? By a web series competition, of course. It is the digital age after all.

The web series will chronicle the process beginning at the open casting call in Los Angeles on August 30. There will be five episodes which will feature contestant eliminations, until the candidates are whittled down to six. I wonder what will be snuffed instead of torches 😉 The models will be judged on their “verbal skills, posing, showcasing products, on-camera presence and modeling skills.”

The final six models will be presented on the Friday, September 28 episode of “The Price is Right”. After that, viewers will get to vote for their favorite via the show’s official site or on YouTube until Thursday October 4. The winner will begin his week-long appearance on the game show starting Monday, October 15. I hope that week’s prizes require him to wear only speedos or pose in hot tubs. LOL.

Will you be tuning in to see the male models? Do you think men should be a regular part of the modeling stable on the game show? Sound off below.

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