Adam’s Indie Film Pick for an Adulterous Weekend In: Price Check

What better to do with your loved one than curl up together in front of the fire (let’s pretend it’s the 60s and you actually have a working fireplace) and watch a hilarious indie flick about cheating on your wife with your spastic, slutty boss!? Hmmmm doesn’t sound like a great idea? Well, the fact that it stars Parker Posey– goddess of the non-blockbuster scene- should more than enough convince you to attempt this underrated and little known gem.

First off, let’s clarify that I do not lavish complements upon movies without regard and to that effect I should slightly downplay the claim that this puppy is a true silver screen “gem”, rather a quirky and paced comedy about workplace romance where there ought not to be. Staring opposite the skinny, sassy and oft perfectly type-cast as completely insane Posey is “Ugly Betty‘s” sexy but stupid boss man Eric Mabius. While his name is hardly going to be pulling much of a crowd, you do have some assurance knowing that there’ll be something hot to look at on the screen- which is NOT necessarily a given with the more off beat indies 😉 The film looks at Mabius’ rise through the ranks under his new commanding and controlling boss Posey as she finds value in him both at work and at work naked under her desk. It’s a pretty decent look at sex with a coworker and the insane issues that arise as a result- watching the staff eye roll and trash the hooking couple definitely will ring true for more than one viewer. I’m definitely promoting this as a movie to make you laugh and feel damned uncomfortable all the same time.

The movie is a lower budget– which I love because Christ, how much do you need to spend on a flick that takes place 80% of the time in an office, and it’s well cast for the look and types you’d see at in an actual company. The humour isn’t going to have you rolling on the floor, but comes across as more realistic joking and funny situations, so expect to “nod knowingly” at most scenes as you giggle and smile. Man, I sound like I’m underselling this thing, don’t I? I don’t mean to: honestly, it’s a good speed with realistic character development and decisions and has you hating and loving each character in waves. A well written office dramedy, it’s worth the download rent and I think if you like Posey in her manic states you’ll definitely be a fan yourself.

  • JMC

    Can someone give Parker Posey an Oscar already, she’s such a unique talent, love her.

  • DouggSeven

    Great movie and a very strong performance from Parker Posey. The Susie Q / Assface scene should be the new ‘I’ll have what she’s having’ scene. I don’t know (or care) much about how the Oscars pick their entrants – but I feel they missed their opportunity with this picture and Parker as an nominee.

  • Adam

    Haha I would LOVE to see her win some real recognition but feel she will go town in time as underated and loved cult classic style and likely she loves that anyway.