Well Christ, if everyone is doing it I may as well get fitted for one myself: harness anyone?

Kink takes form in the Priape Leather Fetish Ball this coming June 22, 2013 at the very modern and Red Room Ultrabar– gotta love a change of venue once in a while! Bears, babes and bottoms alike all know that I have a penchant for the more extreme ends of the spectrum, so a fetish event to kick of Vancouver’s REAL start to summer (yup, late June… it’s that bad here) is exactly what the doctor ordered and I’m sure the party will have it all. Demanding fetish wear from its attendees (no lookie-loos allowed in order to make the scene as comfortable and charged as possible), you will find rubber, sports kits, uniforms and LEATHER of all kinds at this night so make sure to wear what gets ya hard cause SOMEone there will be into it.

Attracting a huge mix of ages, interests and scenes- I’m told by the organizers- this one is selling strong and is a must attend for anyone NOT just looking to dance in a tankini next to the same ol’ scene queens to a Taylor Swift song until 2am. I’m looking most forward to experiencing a group of gays that might not populate the typical clubs on a weekend night and finding out what makes them tick (…”tick” is slang for “have a huge erection“, right?).

What: Fetish Wear ONLY Party
Who: Priape (your local and welcoming source for all things sexual from vanilla to… whatever the opposite of vanilla is!)
Where: Red Room Ultrabar 398 Richards Street, Vancouver (northern tip of Richards at Hastings)
When: Saturday June 22, 9PM – 3AM
How: $20 at Priape1148 Davie Street (they started CHEAP at $10 like a good party does but have been selling hard so get them while you can @ $20!)
Why: Duh, cause hot kinky guys will be there ready to dance all night

Highlights of the night you must keep in mind:

First off, how GOD DAMN hot is that model on the poster? I would be fine getting lost in that thicket of chest fur for a good… rest of my life. And, his name is Adam Champ? Seems like it’s meant to be for us: I’m SURE he’s into older twinks haha.

Second, the DJs are Vancouver infamous sexy muscle bears themselves: Adam Dreaddy and Nick Bertossi. Who, unique like the modern setting to this night will be playing off one another back and forth all night in some sort of sexual rhythmic give and take… wow, I took that to a weird place. Dreaddy has been just dominating nights as of late in this city and Nick is recently back from killing it in Toronto and Mexico City at gigantic gay powerhouse events.

So, on Saturday June 22 (that’s right, no Friday and no long weekend Sunday- this is middle of the weekend perfection), get yourself to Priape and have Del fit you into the latest leather gear, or pull out that kinky outfit you’ve been dyin’ to show off and get your ass down to the Leather Fetish Ball. Tickets still available at Priape or at the door. Say hi when you see me there, I’ll be the one making out with your boyfriend 😉