Priape Puts The “Ho, Ho, Ho” In Happy Holidays

I’m sure checking out hot sexy toned men is the last thing you want to see after wolfing down plates of turkey and stuffing yesterday on Thanksgiving Day, but what better motivation to get you to work on some cardio today. Whether its running on the treadmill at the gym or fighting the crowds on Black Friday, burn off some of those excessive calories you inhaled yesterday.

Once you shed some of those unwanted pounds, you’ll most likely want to show off your new svelte body. I mean, com’n it’s in our gay DNA. Canada’s largest gay retailer, Priape, has shot a very sexy holiday themed catalogue that shows off their extensive variety of underwear. The store also specializes in DVDs, books, sex toys and anything that appeals to the gay consumer. Check out some of their sexy selection below. For those wanting a more Rated-R look at the goods, download their virtual catalogue.

Sharing is caring, right? Half the calories and double the fun.

I wonder what this Santa’s reindeers’ names are? Slutty, Skanky, Twinky???

I’ve never been so attracted to an elf before. This is DEFINITELY hot.

You know they’re gay reindeer when the antlers are fashioned with glitter.

I love me a hairy little elf.

To check out more pictures from the sexy layout or to purchase any of the items, head over to Priape.