A while back I wrote about the news that celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz had announced that he was turning his highly successful coffee table book, Pretty Masculine, into an interactive photographic gallery for the iPad. This week, the app was released and it’s now available to download on iTunes!

What I’m most excited about is that in the app, there is an interactive Studio Section, a feature that gives subscribers the ability to upload their own photos and transform them with a Pretty Masculine makeover. A variety of make-up, lighting effects, and accessories from the Pretty Masculine collection can be added to the subscribers personal photos, and can then be shared via Facebook, Twitter or email. I tried it out and the hilarious/scary result is below.

Expanding on the inspiration behind the project, Mike says, “Following the philosophy behind the Pretty Masculine coffee table book, my App seeks to deconstruct and maybe even blur society’s notion of what is masculine and what is feminine. New and emerging technology enables us to do this with greater ease. We can now push our collective imagination even further, allowing us to explore our psyches in earnest. It is my aim to give my audience some additional tools to look more deeply at two-dimensional images by offering them the backstory on the images, allowing them the opportunity to interpret these images from a place of greater understanding.”

In addition to all of the new images, the app engages the user by allowing them to touch, scroll, explore, learn and interact with the photos. In the behind-the-scenes video, you get to see models morph before your eyes from a blank slate to full body makeup. Enjoy this and many other features for only $4.99. The App will also be a philanthropic conduit to various charitable orgainizations that Mike Ruiz supports, including The Ali Forney Center (a homeless shelter for GLBTQ youth), Bullies and Buddies Animal Rescue, GMHC and Green Chimneys. With links to each organization, fans will ba able to access information on how to help or donate.

I thought if I’m going to write about it, I might as well try it out so this morning I downloaded the app onto my iPad and had some fun with some of the features. It was actually quite entertaining. I ended up with the blonde wig piece, but I almost went for a sexy Santa hat or leather hat. LOL. It’s a pretty scary photo. 😉

For more information on the app, check out mikeruiz.com.