Pregnant With No Vagina


Omg. File this one under “WTF”. No don’t rub your eyes and readjust, you actually read the title right.

A woman showed up at a hospital in Lesotho, which is a small nation in Southern Africa. She was clearly in labour and ready to pop out a kid. But when the Doc’s put her in a room for examination, they found only a small skin dimple/recess where there should be a vagina. Doctor’s had seen her birth defect, Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, but still baffled and obviously wanting to help the clearly pregnant woman, they delivered a perfectly healthy baby boy via Caesarean. Then the questions started.

I mean obvious questions. How TF is this woman preggo with no hint of a clamshell??? Upon further investigation, the staff found that she had been admitted into the hospital 278 days earlier for a knife wound. Average pregnancy is 280 days. Apparently the chick had been caught giving her new lover a BJ and got walked in by her jealous ex and a brawl ensued. Knife came out, tempers flared, and two stab wounds to the stomach later, she went to the hospital bleeding. Wait, no seriously, how did she get pregnant?

Well, it’s a relatively simple miracle, but still makes me hang my mouth open with shock. See apparently at the time, she was so wrapped up in the throws of passion she forgot to eat and had relatively low stomach acid. The stab wounds went straight through to her abdominal cavity, and because of the current “activities” immediately pre-stabbing, some little swimmers, nature’s little miracles, got into the wounds past the acid, found their way to a few reproductive organs, latched onto an egg, and bing bang boom, she was with child, but still without vagina.

So next time you straight people think “condom shmondom”, just know that if a knife and a BJ can get you pregnant, NOT USING A CONDOM DEFINITELY WILL!! USE A CONDOM! And don’t stab anyone for god’s sake! Wow, thank god I’m gay. Can a slap to the face with a limp wrist get you pregnant?

  • bruin

    amazing story telling skills. my jaw dropped too

  • Ditto last comment, mad story telling skills.
    “Can a slap to the face with a limp wrist get you pregnant?”
    Too effing funny! Wanna be friends?

  • Cindy

    Sounds fishy. No pun intended.

  • Lia

    Doubtful it was a birth defect. Most likely she was a victim of “female circumcision” aka female genital mutilation. It is not uncommon in that part of the world. And, as many young women have found out, penetration isn’t required for pregnancy to occur. Neither is a knife wound for a girl who has suffered FGM. That “dimple” is all that is left to these girls so that they may urinate and have their monthlies. And it is also sufficient for a girl to get pregnant without actually having sex…and since all undesirable things of a reproductive nature are only the female’s fault she can also be abused, publically beaten or killed and nobody but the girl suffers.

    Just my unsolicited 2 cents and an FYI….Sorry to be a wet blanket, but it’s a serious problem in too much of the world….

  • clipstreu

    So the MSG here is to wear a condom when u give some1 a BJ? Wow