Behind The Cast: My First Prairie Fowl Supper


On the evening of Saturday November 7th, I attended my first Prairie Supper. Donovan persuaded Adam to take me as off of his hands, so he could have a drama free Saturday night working with Patrick. I couldn’t have been happier than to attend with Adam and see what everyone is talking about. The supper is a benefit to raise money for the Fillmore Family Foundation, a non-profit organization that funds several community programs in the areas of Nutrition, Housing and Health. The supper is a great idea too; hundreds from Vancouver’s community showed up in support of the group (the tickets sell out each year).

Some traditions are well established to help raise some additional $$ for the charity; there is a silent auction, the bar of course, and several hundred pounds of cold hard CASH. Almost everyone in the room, except Adam and I, knew that they were expected to spend the afternoon, prior to the supper, rolling their coins. The table to eat first was the one with the highest Dollar Value of only Rolled Coins on it and no paper money allowed. There were tables with THOUSANDS of dollars of rolled coins. If I remember correctly they raised close to $15,000 in rolled coins!! Our table ate last 🙁

Linda Fillmore along, with comedian Ryan Steele were the MCs for the evening. Linda, a veteran performer cracked several jokes that had the room in stitches. Ryan on the other hand faced a tough crowd as it seemed that the audience wasn’t perhaps the right match for his “out there” humor. I was reminded by some of the other guests that this type of supper is a huge thing in the Prairies. In Saskatchewan, these suppers apparently happen almost every weekend in the fall. And personally, I don’t think that Ryan would survive in Saskatchewan (PS. We love you Ryan).


The evening ran like a well oiled machine. Food, drink and entertainment all were well planned an enjoyable. I guess the only hitch was a falling projector screen which was quickly remedied and only provided additional comedy.

I will definately attend again next year. A few pointers for the newcomers (I wish I knew):

  • 1. Go on time… Seats are gone fast and if you want a good view of the stage: Show up early.
  • 2. Coins… Don’t show up with less than $100 in rolled coins. Your not just helping charity but keeping the others at the table happy.
  • 3. Cash only at the bar. Hit the ATM on your way there.
  • 4. Dress up and follow the theme. Most people go all out and they look great.

Thank you Fillmore Family Foundation for an excellent evening with food, drink, friends, and entertainment.

    That pumpkin pie was pretty terrible, but maybe that’s because our 200$ coin-contributing table ate an hour after everyone else 😛
    I went hoping for a daddy-filled evening but even THIS one went beyond my limits… 60 can be sexy of course, but PROBABLY not the best for me to date 😉
    I did get out a couple of barks though- a few guys did know how to fill out a plaid shirt!
    Ryan, rhyming teat with meat during your incest-grandma job was hilarious- but I guess having your grandma actually beside you while listening to you on stage was just a BIT too much for some of those guys and gals 😛

  • Moyez

    Just wondering why you would take a picture of the screen falling at the fowl supper and post it on your site. Couldn’t you have chosen more creative photographs to actually portray the great event. I am disapointed in your choice of photographs!

  • Brian

    I will update the post with more photos once I find some others. Unfortunately, my Camera took some pretty lousy pics that evening due to the low light. I agree the picture doesn’t do the event justice!!

  • Adam

    Hahaha, Brian you absolutely have to keep it up… don’t worry Moyez, we’ll include pictures of Ryan in nothing but jean cut offs, the man in the ass-less chaps sauntering around, the crowd’s reaction to “incest with my grandma” song and of course all the on-stage drag moments 😉
    I think Brian did a PRETTY damn fair job of including the great work this night and organization does… that he included the pic of one of the more memorable aspects of the evening shows all sides of it- not just the propaganda press release 😉 We weren’t even there as invited guests- just two guys enjoying and supporting the evening so only fair that we evenly comment on what we saw and what went on!
    Brian, good on you!

  • Linda Fillmore

    Hey boys – Just a little note from Linda to say thanks for comin’ to the Fowl Supper. Ya, my grandson got a bit too raunchy for this old girl but it seems to be a typical teenage reaction to a mixture of rye and jockstrap croutons (I know that often was my fate). He is now gargling homemade soap in a reform school in Waskesiu. Hope you can join us again next year. With Love, Linda.

  • Adam

    We would LOVE to! We’ll have to keep your number in the roladex to make sure we can get those things before they fly off the counter in 10 seconds!!
    See you soon Linda!