Portland Pride: The City of Roses


Last weekend, five of the Homorazzi cast decided to do a road trip to Portland and celebrate that city’s Pride. What ensued was a weekend full of fun that none of us will soon forget. Be sure to check out our gallery, video and commentary by each cast member that went.

Portland Pride last weekend can ultimately be summed up by just saying, “it was an effing blast!” Seriously, I haven’t had that much fun in ages. Portland has always been a favorite city of mine and even though I hadn’t been there in a good few years, it didn’t let me down in the least. Great parties (thanks Jake & Noel for hosting), great clubs, CHEAP drinks, no-tax shopping and great new friends (seriously, huge thanks to the Portland & Seattle boys for making this trip even MORE fun)… really, could it get any better? If I had to choose one highlight, I’d say it was probably the Block Party on Sunday, hosted by Boxxes. It started in the early afternoon and ran until about 11:00 pm. You can tell from the video clip that we all had a ridiculously good time… I can’t wait for next year!!

I had a great time. The weather the first few days was not what I had expected for Pride – overcast, etc. but by Sunday for the parade and street party, it was actually quite nice. The people in Portland are awesome and they really went out of there way to show us a good time. Also, the outlet shopping is great there – not that I bought anything, but Bronovan and Kevin found a lot of cool stuff at ridiculously low tax-free prices. The Portland and Seattle boys you see us with in the pictures & videos you’ll likely see again in our recap of Seattle pride (which is happening next weekend) and also when we host Vancouver Pride. Great group of guys!

Portland was a whirlwind.  I tried to combine two trips, visiting some friends and their family, along with attending the pride events.  I
was exhausted by the end of it.  My favourite moments were laughing my head off at nonsense with everyone.  I haven’t had a good laugh like that in a long time.  The street party on Sunday was epic.  Vancouver better come up with something good this year for pride, cause Portland set the standard.  All the guys I talked to from Seattle and Portland were super nice.  It’s as if they were Canadian or something! That was the third time I’ve been to Portland, and I can’t wait to go back again.

1. Sorry Jake! I definitely had a Diva moment when we arrived. You are a terrific host and made our weekend in Portland infinitely enjoyable!
2. I haven’t laughed so hard in years! This trip reminded me of how important my friends are to to me! Kevin, Topher, Patrick, and (of course) Donovan made this trip so terrific in every way. From La Sarah, to Jergensing off and everything in between the trip was so light hearted and fun.
3. Great to see and get to know the Seattle and Portland boyz better. Brady, you are a F’in riot! Mast, thanks for welcoming us in. Svetlana, great to see you again… Thanks for having a BBQ up in heeeerrreee with us! Everyone else, I was drunk and didn’t mean it like that 😉 And, if anyone found my shirt bring it to Seattle Pride 🙂
4. Portland Mariott, you provided a non-inflatable bed for my vacation. Despite the handycaped rooms obvious SHORT-comings (although everything was at the right height for Patrick), the less than 3 star accomodations were a perfect upgrade from the Bachelor pad!
5. Beautiful mornings on the portland “river”wall… In Vancouver we have a sea wall… In portland they have the Springwater Loop simply beautiful!
6. More Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Pita Pit, Pizza, and Denny’s than any gay man should have in the summer months! Love it!

Donovan is currently in Toronto with Topher cover the MuchMusic Video Awards this weekend. He’ll share his version of last weekend’s Portland Pride ASAP!

Click on the picture below to check out our Portland Pride Galllery


Check out highlights from the weekend

  • Harlequin

    HaHa! That guy was dressed up as La’Sarah! Fantastic.

  • adam

    Bahaha, lovin’:
    Konichiwa bitches! (sp??)
    Donovan’s fierce hand on hip
    Sunglass showdown between brady and kevin
    La’ Sarah! (of course!)
    Patrick and the myriad of porn stars… that you DIDN’T sleep with… disappointing!! 😛

  • Kyle Freshwaters

    Awesome video! Thanks for coming down and I am glad that you guys had a good time.

  • MarkBoston

    I think Gay Pride means different things to different age groups. For the twenty-somthings it’s about drinking and getting laid and being outwardly sexual. for older gays it’s about being equal to ALL Americans … that we are as good as our heterosexual counterpart. The guy in the “sling” float really needed to rethink his effort in our public display of our community . Pride parades need to monitor the participants . In Boston a few years ago we ended up having 2 women on a float , near naked in a elevated brass bed simulating sex , one group right behind the Mayor of the city. AS well as a guy wearing a trench coat on stilts, exposing himself via flashing his naked body to parade viewers. All hell broke loose in the press a day later.