Okay, so I just realized that Poppy Chaos is actually Lady Gaga‘s childhood friend. I thought it was totally made up, but it’s not. They were indeed childhood friends and studyied classical music together and even stayed in touch when Gaga was trying to find her musical identity. Poppy just takes it to a whole new (comedic) level and the parody of Gaga’s wacky fashion both in the lyrics and in the video is brilliant.

At the beginning of the following video, Poppy Chaos is watching TV and can’t seem to escape the Gaga headlines on the television: “Lady Gaga is the single most famous human being on the planet,” says the anchor. This brings her to one question: “What does Lady Gaga have that I don’t have?”

Cut to the beginning of the music video for the song “Strange Objects (I Can Wear It)“, as Poppy and her entourage strut their stuff towards the camera and the song begins. I should note that the track is actually catchy too – LOL! The guy in the video (Abraham Sunshine) lists several different objects throughout the song, to which Poppy responds by saying “I can wear it,” and proves it by doing just that. In the chorus, she sings, “I – I – I can wear strange objects too, yeah”. LOL. Enjoy!