With Destiny’s Child, it’s a running joke about how Beyonce was in charge and when any of the other girls had solos or were featured in any way, it was like Beyonce let them. Given that she was the last to join the group and the one who has had the least mainstream success since the split, it’s way more applicable to Michelle Williams than it is for Kelly Rowland. I remember when Michelle had a line in “Survivor” and how crazy it was that she had a solo. LOL.

Recently, a blog called Poor Michelle has surfaced that is a compilation of all the times Michelle Williams got the short end of the Destiny’s Child stick. “The girl just can’t catch a break,” ‘Poor Michelle’ says. I’m thinking the site must have been inspired by their reunion and new(ish) album, but I can’t say for sure. I will say that one of the “Poor Michelle” quotes even makes reference to the fact that she’s the only one of the three that got half of her face chopped off of their new album cover…poor Michelle indeed!

Of course the captions go along with pictures, but to give you an idea of what some of the captions say, here are a few that had me laughing out loud:

  • “The time she stuck her leg up on the railing because Beyonce told her it was cool…”
  • “The time they made Michelle lie upside down in a photo…” (as shown above)
  • “The time Tina made her cover her legs…”

Seriously, I hope who ever is doing these will keep it up for a while because they are seriously so funny. Clink below for the link to the blog as well as for a few of the photos & captions to first wet your appetite. I’ve also included a funny video that definitely fits in with this conversation as well.

“The time she thought Solange was joining the group…”

“The time they made her compromise her Christianity…”

When A Reporter Doesn’t Do Their Homework… Poor Michelle

Check out the hilarious website here: http://poormichelle.tumblr.com/