Poop Scoop…Irresponsible Dog Owners Beware.


I don’t normally read 24 or METRO…you know those news gazettes they peddle on the streets like crack cocaine. Anyway an article on the front page caught my eye, being a dog owner and having the pet peeve on irresponsible dog owners that don’t pick up their dog doo doo. We have all stepped on shit at one point in our lives…or several for that matter, even dog owners have. So I don’t get what goes on in these people’s heads thinking they don’t have to pick up their dog shit. If you can’t do the simple task of picking up after your dog then you shouldn’t have a pet….plain and simple! These stupid Yaletown girls with their tiny little dogs and Ed Hardy matching hoody and pants, manicured nails & spray tanned bitches need to get over themselves and start picking up after their pets.

Here’s the article from 24Hours.ca:


Dog owners who don’t tend to their dog’s doo could be in serious dung.

Animal control officers are teaming up with Vancouver Police and Park Rangers this spring to crack down on irresponsible pet owners who don’t clean up after their dog on public property.

Failure to properly attend to your dog droppings could cost you anywhere from $250 to $2,000 in fines.

“We’re already doing a springtime ticket blitz,” said John Gray of the city’s Animal Control Services department. “We’re targetting and ticketing in high-volume areas in high-volume times.”

Last year, 2,500 tickets were given to dog owners who didn’t scoop the poop. So far, 400 tickets have been given out up to March 1, according to Gray.

Many dog owners along the seawall this week are keen to clean up after their dogs, and welcome the extra enforcement.

“Poo bags, always carry poo bags,” suggested Aaron Rullo, who was playing fetch with his dog Luna.

Phillip Rooyakkers, owner of the Urban Puppy, said most people use plastic bags or another popular item is the Bags on Board, a plastic container filled with refillable bags that attach to the leash.

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  • Redd

    Great suggestion Jeff….what retail outlets in Vamcouver sell these bags?

  • Quentina

    There are also bio-degradeable poo bags you can pick up from most pet stores.

  • Redd

    I do use those…the poo bags I use are made out of corn.

  • stefy s

    awful writing…thanks. but my editor changed a lot and put in serious cliches.

  • stefy s

    also if you know how newspapers work, the reporters don’t write their own headlines. it sucks. i regret this entire article.

  • Oh no… didn’t mean to offend you Stef 🙁 I apologize.

  • stefy s

    No, you’re absolutely right. It’s a completely crap article. I’m just glad I can say that it’s not my fault because my editor wrote the dumb lead and headline.

    I just laughed when I read that :).

  • Have you tried Flush Doggy flushable dog poop bags before? It’s so easy to use and no more stinky garbage.

  • Thanks Michael will check Flush Doggy out for sure 🙂