A Little Heart in Politics


Politics can get heavy. I can get heavy talking about politics. Like last week when I ranted all over Facebook about Marc Dalton. He’s a Liberal candidate in the upcoming BC election who once compared homosexuals, a.k.a “these people”, to gambling, abortion, drunken driving, and pornography. To him, this “lifestyle choice” is about morality. Ugh. Puke. He apologized, but he’s the same guy who said he would vote against same-sex marriage when he ran for federal office three years ago.

Thankfully, at the other end of the spectrum is Spencer Herbert. I’ve blogged about him before. He’s my gay MLA in Vancouver-West End. If you live there, you’ve probably seen the posters and t-shirts popping up everywhere. Spencer decided to add some much needed whimsy, fun, and flare to this election race. He’s still talking about important issues like tenants’ rights, but he’s doing it with a ton of colourful character.

Check out the YouTube video for his latest campaign, We Heart West End.