‘Political Animals’ Series Premiere: What Did You Think?

Last night, a new six-part limited series called ‘Political Animals‘ premiered on the USA Network (Bravo in Canada) and I absolutely loved it. The show centers around Elaine Barrish Hammond (played by Sigourney Weaver) who is the current Secretary of State, former First Lady and failed presidential candidate. By the end of the hour and a half premiere, we learn that she wants to make another run at the White House.

The series shows all of the things that goes on behind closed doors that voters would be shocked about. Many families are dysfunctional in one way or another, and one that is in the public eye with so much power and privilege at their disposal is no exception. Ellen Burstyn is amazing as Elaine’s jaded mother, while the sexy Sebastian Stan is perfect for the roll of her troubled gay son. I also really enjoyed Carla Gugino as the reporter who once was seen as an enemy by the Hammond family but now seems to be becoming a new ally for Elaine.

As I mentioned earlier, at the end the episode, Elaine reveals to her driver/security that she’s going to be running for president again and this time she plans on winning. I thought the way they showed what had happened in the past with her last campaign as well as other key incidents a perfect way to set up the series. I’m so looking forward to seeing how the story rolls out.

What did you think of the new series? Will you be watching next week?

  • Dan

    I really enjoyed the pilot , and already have the PVR programmed so I don’t miss a minute of it

  • James

    The best line ever: “Never call a bitch a bitch…us bitches hate that.”

  • Jim Mc

    I so wanted to love this show – and I liked it… But I really question some of the casting choices and tone. First 2/3 of the pilot, I was rooting for it – it had teeth, some interesting characters and writing. However, there was also so much about it that was just off – and again, it was about slowing down, trying too hard to show warmth and humanity instead of letting it play out naturally over the course of the show. How many times do we need to hear people acknowledge that Elain has heart? Or a great ass? Or … That she cares – she really really cares. Don’t say it, don’t tell me about it – snow me in the course of her life. I’ll get it. And the role of her ex husband – woefully miscast / misdirected in this show. His energy, intelligence, sexiness, magneticism all were the wrong levels, amounts – just 100% wrong for the show. The actor is a good actor but this is not a role he should be doing.

    I hope they have made adjustments – they only have 6 chances to get it right.

  • FGP

    Loved it! The only down side is it’s only a six episode mini series!

  • HarryR

    Political Animals is trash, something I feel I should be ashamed for watching but it’s Summer & politics so WTF. It has a strong feel of being written & directed by those that still hold a big torch for Hillary Clinton as president, that she should have won in 2008 rather than Barack Obama. However Ciaran Hands is totally miscast, with none of the room filling charisma of Bill Clinton (I’ve actually met Bill a couple of times & watched him effortlessly dominate a 1,000 heavy hitter ppl filled room), playing the character as an irritating buffoon that you wonder how this character actually became president. While the gay son is sympathetic it was more than a little irritating as the character is another type of gay cliche, but maybe every character is more or less a cliche. I’ll watch the rest of the episodes as a political junkie but it has no redeeming values. One reviewer termed it Primary Colors meets Dallas, which pretty much sums it up.