Recently, I wrote about the amazing upcoming series called ‘Political Animals‘ that takes a look at the private lives of our public figures. The series hasn’t started yet, but they’ve released clip that’s definitely worth checking out.

The sexy Sebastian Stan (who you know from ‘Gossip Girl‘) stars as Thomas Hammond, the openly gay son of a former President and First Lady who is now a Presidential candidate (played by Sigourney Weaver). In the following scene, Thomas is all horned up and has apparently arranged to have a guy come over for a hookup (likely by way of Grindr). As the man meat arrives at the door, he says to Thomas,”Dude, you never sent a face pic.” He quickly realizes that the guy he’s meeting with is the son of a political figure and he’s a little beside himself. Regardless, they get right to “business” anyway. Suddenly the Sin With Sebastian song from the ’90s pops into my head: “Shut Up And Sleep With Me”.

‘Political Animals’ premieres on the USA Network this Sunday July 15 10/9c. Check out the steamy scene below.