Top 5 Thursdays: Plastic Surgery


Yesterday during a quick (self) mandated break from work I took a minute to see what all the buzz was about in regards to Heidi Montag-Pratt’s (shown above) newly refreshed face and WOW.  Homegirl went to the the plastic surgery drive through, got a #1, #4, #5, and a #9.  According to Heidi, she has a new album coming out, is competing with “Britney Spearses everywhere” and is self-admittedly “beyond obsessed” with the nip and tuck.  Anyway, that got me thinking about all the celebs that change their appearances so drastically throughout their careers.  It’s crazy what people will put themselves through to become more beautiful/appealing to the world.  That said, today’s Top 5 will be the 5 celebrities most changed through plastic surgery.


5) Heidi Montag-Pratt/Stephanie Pratt  With reports of these two “reality” stars making between $8K (sorry Stephanie) and $100K (damn Heidi) per episode, it is obvious that The Hills have treated these girls well, well enough in fact to be able to afford some new… toys.  These toys include lip injections, chin reductions, cheek fillers, brow lifts and a bangin’ new grill.  When this latest season of The Hills started off I had to rewind the DVR to make sure that I really was watching Stephanie Pratt (pictured above) spout out one of her no-brainer statements.  Girl went under the knife and now looks like pre-tune-up Heidi.  And speaking of Heidi, she reportedly got 10 surgeries done at once including a boob job that bumped her ta-tas up to a triple D, giving her the beautiful, alien-like features that she now possesses.  My advice, Steph – take your $8k/episode and get some acting skills; Heidi – invest in some voice lessons, I’d hate to see that auto-tuner mess up during a performance and leave you and your vocal skills stranded.


4) Pete Burns – England’s Pete Burns may not sound familiar to you, but he actually was a fairly big singer in the 80s.  He was the front man for the group Dead or Alive (their hit song “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” has been featured in movies like the Wedding Singer as well as Flo Rida’s single “Right Round’) and aside from that is a unique celebrity in his own right.  Openly out and married, Pete Burns has been on Celebrity Big Brother UK, which is where I first saw his beautiful mug.  He’s quite the character and with a face to match and I couldn’t resist watching the show just to see what he’d say.  That aside, Burns has had numerous plastic surgeries giving him more feminine features, though I’d say his most noticeable change has been his lips, which were botched during a routine procedure.  Burns spent most of his life savings and 18 months trying to repair the damage, even suing the doctor.  If you ask me, he filled those lips right back up with that settlement.


3) Lil Kim – I’m hoping the Queen Bee has stopped her reign of the surgery table and started back in the hip hop/rap world because she is lookin’… whooo, I dunno.  Remember when Lil Kim was in She’s All That?  Well she has definitely had all that and more done.  Her nose, eyes, lips cheeks all completely different.  Kim wasn’t the hottest chick out there before her surgeries, but she wasn’t really that bad.  I liked her after her first nose job and think  she should have stopped after that.  Unfortunately she must have thought that plastic surgery would no longer be an option after she got out of jail because she took it too far.  Too bad you can’t return the procedures, even if you have receipts.


2) Jocelyn Wildenstein – See for yourself.  Not much to say.  I mean… yea… I just, can’t.  Yea.  Background: wealthy heiress who was (is) obsessed with getting old (or staying young – looking) and had a desire to look more feline.  It goes without saying that she has gone ov-er-board.  Someone needs to sit her down and tell her in a stern voice “No!”  I don’t understand why a doctor would continue to operate on someone who clearly has body dysmorphic issues.  Don’t they have some code of ethics they have to follow?!


1) Michael Jackson – Again, not much to say here and out of respect for the King of Pop, I won’t make any jokes.  I will say however, that I do think Michael was really attractive circa ’84-’85.  At this point he had only had one or two nose jobs, but still maintained his God-given features.  Aside from the many nose jobs and alleged other surgeries Michael had, he also dealt with vitiligo, a disease that slowly removes the pigment from one’s skin.  There were rumors and speculations that Michael was bleaching his skin in order to erase all traces of family resemblance and because of a desire to be caucasian, but I truly believe he struggled with this disease and ultimately had to accept the changes happening to him.

There you have it.  Plastic surgery has transformed provided people the opportunity to change any and everything the dislike about themselves.  I wonder though, at what point will people realize that the differences in their faces and bodies aren’t really all that bad?  I wonder what’ll happen when everyone looks like each other?  You certainly couldn’t point at someone and say they’re ugly, ’cause three fingers would be pointing back at you.

PS: Watching Extra! right now – apparently Heidi had a butt job too!

  • Adam A.

    I find it unbelievable that doctors are allowed to these procedures to some of these people who body dysmorphic disorder. I personally feel that they are harming these people; they obviously need some psychological help, cause all the surgery makes them feel is that they still aren’t right and they go for more and more and more….hence your #1 pick! Nuff said

  • Brian

    Lil Kim looks like she’s auditioning for the title lead in Child’s Play VI: Second Bride of Chuckie!

  • jordan

    these are terrible. hacent the doctors figured out that they are affecting those peoples health.

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  • Morgrad

    I wonder why people have to dehumanise themselves in order to look good. They look disgusting.

  • Seems today plastic surgery is being done by blind people. There are a lot of poorly done surgeries in the industry and when I see some of the people I always wonder what do they see when they look in the mirror are they happy with the results? I mean it’s not like you can go get a refund and go get your face back. I just don’t get it vanity is still a sin! RIGHT?

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  • lexi

    i want some ceral

  • Michele

    Wow thats why people should not get plastic surgery at all. Because later in life they will regret it…