Soooo happy this girl is going to be releasing another album on November 7th! Another girl from across the pond in the UK, I loved her first album “Turn It Up” and I’m sure I will love this new one as well. The new album titled “Young Foolish Happy” will have collaborations with Stevie Wonder and John Legend just to name a few. This weeks Pop-Tart Pick is “All About Tonight” and it’s the lead single off her up coming album. I’ve had this song on repeat on my iPhone since I came across it, addiction. I’ve included the track below for you to hear for yourself.

The 2nd single off the new album will be “What Do You Take Me For” featuring Pusha T. It has a more RnB flavor too it which is a bit of a change up for Pixie but I’m sure North America can get down with the new sound. My favorite song from her first album was hands down “Here We Go Again” which was produced by RedOne so be sure to check that one out as well.