Ke$ha & Pitbull Go Timber On Hot New Track

It appears Avicii started a trend with his infectious hit, “Wake Me Up.” Even Pitbull, the undisputed king of the Miami dance, is going country. The 32-year-old rapper fuses his club-friendly sound with a honky-tonk vibe. Joining him on “Timber” for a little dosey doe is glitter queen herself, Ke$ha.

Hardcore fans of the “Die Young” singer have recently launched a campaign to release her from Dr. Luke’s grip. They might have a change of heart after hearing this country dance diddy. It’s pretty darn good, ya’ll.

“Timber” isn’t the first collaboration between Pitbull and Ke$ha. The two joined forces in 2009 with “Girls” and most recently on a remix of Ke$ha’s recent “Crazy Kids.” By far, this is their best IMHO. Give it a listen below.

Ke$ha ft. Pitbull ‘Timber’

  • Raph

    Not a big fan of Pitbull but this definitely is working for me. Great dance song, the two of them work well together.

  • Marco

    I love the hook! Great song!

  • Accrehab

    This song is awesome!