Pinup Saints: The Interview


As previously mentioned, some of the Homorazzi cast had the opportunity to check out the Pinup Saints show here in Vancouver earlier this month. If you haven’t checked out the article about this phenomenal group, you should! But to follow up to that, here are some excerpts from our interviews with the cast members.

Nico was one of the first people we were able to speak with, and let me tell you- he’s every bit as sexy in person as he was on TV! Nico, in addition to being insanely hot, is an incredibly talented dancer and choreographer who has already made quite a splash in the industry. He was really friendly and we had a great time interviewing him. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

Kevin: Nico, you were involved with Pinup Saints before you were on So You Think You Can Dance Canada, and it’s a Montreal-based group?

Nico Archambault: Ya, way before- I started maybe 4 years ago. It is- it’s a Montreal-based group because we started in Montreal, however now we just auditioned across Canada to find amazing dancers. So we’ve got Lawrence from Vancouver, Joey- who was also in So You Think You Can Dance- and Amy are from Calgary, Wynn, who is a singer & co-choreographer is from Vancouver… so we’re pretty much spread out across Canada now.

Kevin: How did you guys come up with this concept to really marry the influence of music and dance, where one is influencing the other as it’s being created? How was this all born?

Nico Archambault: The project came out of dancers to start with. The producer, Mabel Palomino is a former dancer. We used to work together in Montreal 4 or 5 years ago and she came to me with this idea where she wanted to create a platform on stage for dancers to actually shine and take the spot and do a kind of carte blanche type of thing, do whatever you want and the way you want it. No producer, no singer, no label saying “oh no, we can’t do that because Britney hasn’t done it before…” So then we kind of wanted to have our own original music, and we started doing remakes of songs that we like, and from this- we started to have our own. Raul, the music producer, started to create original music for the show and we thought “Wow, this music is so great and so amazing, we’ve got to put out an album”.

Kevin: The music really is great. I love the Scissor Sisters and the Pinup Saints music reminds me a lot of an edgier, rockier version of the Scissor Sisters… in that you say what you want to say, no holds barred and it’s full of great beats.

Nico Archambault: Ya, it could be. We have a lot of fun and we’re not really holding back on anything. As long as it’s really nice and clear and you know,all adult consenting! I mean it’s not a porn show, it’s not a strip show, there’s no nudity on stage- it’s just amazing dancers, very talented singers- but ya, it’s an little edgier type of show and we do it the way we want.

Click on the picture below to check out pics from the Pinup Saints performance at the Caprice


As amazing, hot and insanely talented as Nico is, he’s definitely not Pinup Saints only draw when it comes to dance talent. Each and every cast member brings something unique and meaningful to the performance. Joey Matt hails from Calgary and his dance skills were already known from watching him on So You Think You Can Dance Canada as well. Seeing him live was fantastic. Another Calgary native, Amy Gardner also brings her unique and very broad dance experience to the stage. Trained in ballet, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, tap and musical theater, Amy has had the opportunity to travel the world and dance with some of the biggest names in the industry. Laurin Padolina, a Vancouer native, is known for her uninhibited performances as both a dancer and choreographer. She’s also well known as a movement coach for starts like Halle Barry, Kristen Bell and more- and her personality is bubbly, fun and infectious. (I didn’t want our interview to end because she’s so much fun!) And last but not least, Anne-Rose Cupidon, from Montreal, is the group’s dark-skinned enchantress. With an amazing french accent a gorgeous face and fantastic figure- her dancing pulls your eye straight to her every time. Here are some highlights from our time with the dancers:

Kevin: So what has your experience with Pinup Saints been thus far? How has the crowd response been?

Amy Gardner: We’ve really gotten a great response so far. There’s really nothing like this out there, so it’s really exciting to be a part of a project that’s really quite original. Generally when you go see any pop artist or any artist that has dancers, it’s always the artist is the main focus and the dancers are backup dancers… With [Pinup Saints] the dancing is actually the focal point and it’s really challenging. It’s really great dancing

Kevin: Joey, how has your life changed since appearing on So You Think You Can Dance Canada?

Joey Matt: It was some good exposure for me. It really helped that I met Nico on the show, so now I’m lucky enough to be doing this project. I think that helped with my audition, just knowing him and having that connection.

Kevin: So tonight’s show is the last on the Western leg of the tour. What’s next for you guys?

Laurin Padolina: We go back to Montreal and we’ve got a show that’s happening on Tuesday, and then our lead-singer Raul has a boxing match on the 16th that we’re all gonna go to! He’s been training super hard- like in the gym twice a day… he’s super dedicated.

Kevin: Anne-Rose, how long have you been with Pinup Saints and what is your dance style?

Anne-Rose Cupidon: 5 years- I’m one of the first members. I worked for [Nico & Mabel] a long time ago. My dance style is… Funky. Funky and comtemporary

Last up were the sexy and talented Wynn Holmes and the singing sexpot Raul Jr. Wynn currently lives in New York and commutes to Montreal for her work with Pinup Saints. With deep roots in the dance world, she co-choreographs with Nico as well as sharing the microphone with Raul as the group’s two singers. Raul was clearly born to perform, and perform he does! As the mastermind behind the Pinup Saints album, Golden, Raul delivers a heavy dose of rock-electronica that just makes you want to move.

Pinup Saints Video Montage @ The Caprice

Here are some highlights from our time with Raul & Wynn:

Kevin: Wynn, when did you get involved with Pinup Saints?

Wynn Holmes: I came in about a year ago- first as a choreographer and then as a dancer. [The show was] as little different from the show we do now because it was before we had an album. But now, I am singing and co-choreograph the show with Nico.

Kevin: You’re living in New York right now- what are you up to there?

Wynn Holmes: I actually only sing with Pinup Saints. It kind of just came upon me… Raul, who wrote the album and writes all the music, kinda pulled me aside day and said, “Hey… do you want to try and do this with me?” So I was like, “Sure!” He basically taught me everything I know about singing! But in New York I work strictly as a dancer & choreographer. But it works, you know? The performance aspect, I think with Pinup Saints, as much as the music is really great and you can listen to it [by itself], it’s really all about the performance. So I was already so comfortable on stage as a performer, I just had to get the singing thing down. I studied music as a kid, so I had a little bit of it down, but Raul really helped.

Kevin: Raul, so you are the musical mastermind and driving force behind Pinup Saints?

Raul Jr.: Yes… I am a music genius… ha ha, whatever, it’s just the music man! Music is one part and I think the best part of it is that despite the fact that it’s all sexy, fun and edgy- it’s made by all of us. It’s not just me making music and saying “hey- I’m giving you music and you dance to it!” We’re all involved, especially me, Nico, Wynn and Mabel, we’ve put our minds together, all our life experiences and something fun comes out.

Kevin: Word has it that outside of Pinup Saints you also are… a boxer?

Raul Jr.: I’m trying… I’m trying! It’s therapy- I need it! I need it because things get out of control. You need something where you have an ounce of control or you’re the sole influence on. Boxing, you have to train for it or you get beat up… so that’s what I do. Just to stay calm, you know. But also it really helps to stay in shape. I mean, it’s the most wicked strain I’ve felt in my life. And, to be a Pinup Saint- you gotta be naked! You’ve got to feel good in your skin.

As you can tell, Pinup Saints has an extremely dynamic cast, and I’m here to tell you that they put on one hell of a show! Each cast member is clearly passionate about their art and it comes through loud and clear through their brilliant new album, Golden as well as through their mad dance skill. If you get the chance to see these guys live… do it, do it, DO IT! In the meantime, check out their album and rock out!