Introducing: Pinup Saints


Last Friday, Brian, Donovan and I had the distinct pleasure of being introduced to Pinup Saints: an immensely talented group of dancers and singers who have created a unique performance experience with their incredible dance skills and original music. The group is currently on a Canadian tour promoting their new album Goldenavailable on iTunes now.

Pinup Saints is a unique show experience because of the way their original music and original dance choreography- each of which are independently phenomenal- are equal in their contributions to the show as a whole. Going to see Pinup Saints isn’t just going to see a music concert, and it’s not just going to see a dance performance, it’s a complete show that stimulates your ears, eyes… and a few other things at some points in the show!

A Montreal-based group, Pinup Saints features performers from all over Canada, including recently famous Nico Archambault and Joey Matt. For those in Canada and/or who watch Canadian television, you know Nico & Joey from So You think You Can Dance Canada season one, which Nico won.


Nico is a founding member of Pinup Saints and has quickly become one of the most recognizable faces in Canadian entertainment because of his mad dance and choreographic skills. Protégé to Brian Friedman and winner of The Pulse in 2007- Nico is well on his way to becoming one of the biggest names in the dance industry today. He is in absolutely fine form with Pinup Saints, performing the type of sensual and stirring choreography he’s come to be known for.

Now, as sexy, talented and awesome as Nico is, he is definitely not the only draw to Pinup Saints in terms of dancing. Joey Matt, Amy Gardner, Anne-Rose Cupidon and Laurin Padolina all bring phenomenal skill and training to the show. We were lucky enough to get to meet with each one of these talented dancers and will be posting more on that later.

Mabel Palomino, a dancer & choreographer, is the producer of Pinup Saints and is credited as the founder of the group in 2005. Her desire was to create the “ultimate vehicle to showcase her sensual creations and visions through music and dance.” The group, which was originally born from dancers, then ventured into making their own music- with Raul taking the lead.


Raul blends hip-hop, rock, electronica and cabaret in a truly unique way. The results of his efforts are powerful tracks full of lyrics that are sometimes romantic and poetic… and other times downright raunchy and nasty. Raul is a true performer who brings massive amounts of energy to the stage. He’s hot, talented- and doesn’t like to wear very much clothing while performing… what more could you ask for?!


Pinup’s second singer is Wynn Holmes- who also doubles as Nico’s choreography partner for the group. Wynn is an extremely charming, sexy and talented woman. With her roots in dance, she also studied music as a kid, and when Raul approached her with the music project for Pinup Saints, she was happy to jump on board. With her natural talent you’d never know she hasn’t been singing her entire life! Her tracks are actually some of my absolute favorite on Golden.

My comparison for Pinup Saints would be Scissor Sisters meets Franz Ferdinand: Uninhibited lyrics and interesting harmonies meets great rock beats with a healthy dose of electronica. The result is a great album full of tracks that make you want to get up and dance.

Click on the picture below to check out pics from the Pinup Saints performance at the Caprice


All in all, the Pinup Saints show delivers just over an hour’s worth of brilliant music and amazing dance that will leave you wanting more. Whether it’s the chest thumping beat or inspired dancing- you’re sure to fall in love with the whole group… (of course the amount of skin the performers show doesn’t hurt either… I’m just sayin’).

Check out the video below for clips from the show- and be sure to check out the interview article in a few days!