Model Behavior: Pietro Boselli


Despite being discovered at age six by Giorgio Armani, my latest Model Behavior selection is relatively new to the fashion industry. Pietro Boselli is an Italian born and bred stud who is primed for major success. With those eyes, lips and killer bod, it’s all but guaranteed. Not only does he have beauty and brawn, but this 24-year-old also has brains. In between posing for various photographers, he’s studying for his PHD in engineering. He’d be a triple threat on the upcoming Survivor: Cagayan dubbed Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty.

Not surprisingly, given that he was discovered by Armani, his portfolio is dominated by runway gigs for the Italian brand. Other notable highlights include posing for Bruce Weber and Duncan Black for Abercrombie & Fitch and Portis Wasp respectively. His editorial credits include a spread for GQ Style China. Agency Models 1 currently reps Pietro. Check out some of his work below and you’re welcome in advance 😉

Pietro Boselli Model Stats

Height: 6’1″
Waist: 32
Shoe: 12
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: hazel

Bruce Weber for Abercrombie
Bruce Weber for Abercrombie
Thomas Cooksey for GQ Style China
Thomas Cooksey for GQ Style China
Milan Fashion Week For Emporio Armani
Milan Fashion Week For Emporio Armani
Darren Black for PortisWasp
Darren Black for PortisWasp
Photographed by Bruce Weber
Photographed by Bruce Weber
Darren Black for PortisWasp
Darren Black for PortisWasp
Milan Fashion Week For Armani
Milan Fashion Week For Armani
Darren Black for PortisWasp
Darren Black for PortisWasp
Bruce Weber for Abercrombie
Bruce Weber for Abercrombie

  • Damien

    HOLY SHIT!!!

  • mrkxndr

    WOW. WOW WOW WOW. just… WOW.

  • Nate KW


  • Mark

    I was soo excited to see this post since he looks hot from the preview pic…but call me crazy or maybe i have a fetish…I was instantly turned off when I saw he had no armpit hair. I think armpit hair is a must lol Therefore I must say this one i’m not a fan of.

  • duderanger

    I like that he shaves or waxes his pits. ;]

  • Bigdnyc1

    Outrageously good looking!

  • Keith

    I agree with Mark, I think shaved armpits is more of a turn off, maybe it was just for that photo shoot though. There is also some dissonance, for me, between his youthful face and the amount of muscle he has; I’m not much a muscle-fan, as crazy as that seems, unless they are part of a really manly, bearded, hairy-chested lumber jack type.

  • erick

    Real life Ken doll, perfection!

  • sigh…

    that’s… just not even fair… looks and brain? PHD IN ENGINEERING??? wth

  • Daniel

    He’s got beautiful legs and arms and a cute masculine face and demeanor. He’s a hit with me!

  • Roger

    He is very goodlooking! For naked models full frontal look at GAYARTZ!

  • Meryl Dorsey

    Oh just shut up!

  • Steven K.

    I think he’s beautiful boy perfection, except for exactly what you mention – hate shaved pits – so I agree – armpit hair is a must. I find it exceptionally sexy, and kind of a let-down if it (or a nice trail, etc.) has been shaved. Not that I’d say “no” because of that, however – nude pits can easily be rectified.

  • Sam I Am

    …I just jizzed my pants. Bro is Hot!!!

  • John W

    Dr. Pietro Boselli (PhD, Mechanical Engineering UCL), fashion model, bodybuilder and demigod!!! Perfection!

  • str8hardbody

    PERFECTION!! 10 +


    ‘s okay. Always room at my house when ‘Keith’ kicks him out. I might be picky – shaved pits or no, to every rule, the exception!

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