Pietro Boselli & Nyle DiMarco Tease Upcoming Joint Collaboration

Separately, they have huge social media followings. Imagine the damage they could do if these two thirst traps joined forces. It looks like we won’t have to wait long to see that.

Pietro Boselli and Nyle DiMarco meet for the first time while the ANTM winner was visiting London. Instead of checking out Buckingham Palace, Big Ben or some other landmark, the twosome, not surprisingly, hit the gym together. Those bodies don’t look like that without a little sweat and tears.

“@nyledimarco is in London so I took him sightseeing: Around the gym of course… Great meeting you buddy, you’re great carry on the way you are,” Pietro wrote.

DiMarco took to Instagram to tease an upcoming joint project featuring the hot duo. “IN LONDON with @pietroboselli!! Great meeting you! And… Keep an eye out for a collab video! 🙈 Hint: he’s pretty good in Sign language 🔥🔥”

Until that inevitable sexy visual arrives, you can tide yourselves over with a photo of the new buddies working on their fitness below. Their legs look great in the air 😉