Piers Morgan’s New Show Debuts Tonight With Oprah

Love him or hate him, Piers Morgan takes over the seat Larry King kept warm for 25 years tonight, as he debuts his new late night talk show, Piers Morgan Tonight.

The new host (formerly of Britain’s Got Talent & The Apprentice) sat down with the panelists on The View this morning to chat about the show. They brought up the fact they heard he can’t stand Madonna, and he explained, “She’s so irritating!!” He hates her fake British accent and can’t stomach the idea of an hour with her on his show – so she’s banned. HA! I have to agree with him. Gay icon or not, Madonna can be annoying, but that’s nothing new. Also banned from his show, Heather Mills.

Tonight, Morgan’s first interview is with Oprah Winfrey, which she has said was one of her toughest interviews ever. In a preview shown on The View today, Oprah and Morgan make a wager as to who can get Michael Vick for an interview first. Piers introduces the segment:

“So I was determined to start my new show with the ultimate bang and for that I needed the biggest star in the world but also somebody who was one of the most powerful people in the world.” He continues, “That narrowed the list down to one person.” Oprah, seated across from him, pipes in and said, “And that person wasn’t available…So he got me.”