Phillip Phillips Finally Debuts “Home” Music Video

Even though it’s been almost three months since he won “American Idol” Season 11, Phillip Phillips just released the music video for his coronation song “Home“. Not sure why it didn’t debut sooner, given the single sold an impressive 278,000 copies during its first week. Whatever the reason, it’s finally here.

I’m sure the fact the single is enjoying a second life thanks to NBC’s Olympics gymnastics coverage played a major role in its release. Since the peacock network used it to highlight the Fab Five gold-winning American team, the single has moved more copies and vaulted to No. 1 on iTunes chart. With everyone being re-introduced to the song, it only makes sense his label finally put out a visual.

The music video is pretty straight forward and without frills, but very appropriate to the track. It shows the American Idol winner strumming his guitar while traveling through the country. Definitely check it out below. Keep an eye out for his girlfriend Hannah who makes an appearance in the video.

Phillip Phillips’ Home Music Video

Phillip Phillips’ Home US Olympic Montage

Just in case you missed one of the numerous times NBC used the clip, here’s the gymnastics montage.