Philips Norelco’s I’d Faq Me Manscaping Commercials

Philips Norelco gets up close and personal with male grooming rituals with their “I’d FAQ Me” campaign. The creative is trying to help the brand expand beyond its older user demographic to a younger, 20-something guy. The campaign was conceived by Ogilvy & Mather and directed by Michael Downing at Epoch. “I’d Date Me” and “I’d Beach Me” are the latest clips from the brilliant new campaign.

The two new ad spots feature men using the company’s Click & Style Razor. Each man stands in front of the mirror manscaping as he contemplates all the wonderful things he would do to himself. From “I’d wink at me,” says one guy to “I would share a shawarma with me,” expect the unexpected to come out of their respective mouths. Both clips end with “I’d FAQ me,” with the middle word, a good sound-alike for the F-bomb, silenced and his mouth pixelated.

Philips Norelco: I’d Beach Me

Philips Norelco: I’d Date Me

If you enjoyed the commercials, you have to go to their impressive website. It’s a 360-3D nose-to-tail shaving hair test drive on a male model. Up close doesn’t even begin to describe it. What would you do to each model? Keep it relatively PG. LOL. Sound off below.