Legendary DJ/Producer, and international megastar PETER RAUHOFER  could be done with Israeli Star OFFER NISSIM.

On his Facebook account, Peter writes, “Offer Nissim is an unthankful piece of shit! Yes, I am sick of his NEVER-ENDING attitude. Enough is enough!”.


Well, Peter posted on a comment on YINON YAHEL’s wall (who is Nissim’s producing partner)

Peter says on the yinon yahel’s wall: “It is MAJORLY disrespectful for you and Offer Nissim to do an un-commissioned remix with a stolen new Whitney Houston acapella, going against Sony Music’s marketing & promotion plan AND going against all remixers who were officially hired for this new Whitney Houston track. This all JUST because Offer Nissim can’t take it that HE was NOT chosen to be one of the official remixers. VERY disappointing and simply disgusting how Offer Nissim shits on all of us here and mainly the hand thad fed him throughout the last 5 years.”

So, if we join the dots.

Peter was officially asked by SONY MUSIC to produce the remix for Whitney Houston’s comeback single. From what he wrote, Offer and Yinon took the acapella and are producing an unauthorized remix. I’m assuming the unauthorized one will be released before every official one pissing off a few people, including Rauhofer who pretty much handed Nissim his career in North America 5 years ago.

Peter’s wall is ablaze with comments, and no doubt this is going to be one of the biggest breakups in the gay dance music scene. Over the past couple years, Offer’s popularity has SKYROCKETED due in large part to Peter’s support, and many are agreeing with Peter saying that Offer’s ego and diva antics have allegedly made him difficult to work with.

Should be quite interesting to see what happens now…

UPDATE: Peter Rauhofer, Sony Music & Whitney Houston are disgusted how Offer Nissim had the nerve to steal the new Whitney Houston acapella, quick do his own remix and basically shit on all of us! “I AM OFFER NISSIM, I CAN DO WHAT I WANT”. In Ankara maybe….but NOT over here! – Rauhofer’s facebook account

UPDATE #2 –Peter RauhoferThere is a reason WHY Offer Nissim NEVER officially got hired to remix any major label artist. EVERYTHING he ever does he then leaks (even his own productions…) EVERY remix he ever did (Madonna, MJ, Jennifer Lopez..) he remixed un-commissioned from illegally achieved accapellas and THEN he even bootlegged them on his “Happy People/Forever Tel Aviv” series and brought himself into MAJOR difficulties- a reason WHY Star 69 never was able to release these compilations here because it was filled with his bootleg remixes.This time he went too far.
His ego is out of control. He honestly believes he is bigger than Madonna. Too bad Madonna doesnt even know WHO he is. –
Rauhofer’s facebook account

  • Anthony

    Yeah, I guess that’s all a douchebag like you can get these days. 70 yr old women just like my mother. Congratulations!

  • dancemusicdivo

    Well it seem like the friendship turned opaque. Offer has left Star 69

  • Ben

    Offer doesnt need a record label to begin with. He is the only artist in this world who leaks all his stuff himself before he even submits it to the record label. Star 69 made zero $$$$ as you can find every single Offer Nissim track leaked all over the internet before the official release date.

  • Mark Hogg

    I miss the days when remixes were all about bootleg, white label mixes and hard to get DJ stuff. Offer Nissim seems still to be the only one that is keeping that alive. Im in Australia were no Rauhofer or Nissim stuff is available unless imported or downloaded. Not only is Offer pure genies no other DJ has made me feel so alive then watching Offer do his thing behind the decks. To my knowledge its very hard to get an acapella version of anything these days, so whats the real story here, someone isn’t telling the whole truth

  • Moron123

    Mark Hogg u are an old idiot.
    Google “acapella”. Welcome to 2010.

  • Erich Hazen


  • Wilkie

    Peter R. just passed away and all this shit in this page.