“Buy me a drink, buy, buy me a drink…go to my place, my place, my place…” Get ready, cuz after you’ve seen this video slash heard this song, that sassy & catchy line is gonna be in your head all. day. long.

This glamorous Vancouver gay pop singer (think Johnny McGovern…but more fabulous and looks more like Aaron Carter) has been doing his thing here in VanCity for a a short while now (kinda taking after Armstrong Junior I suppose), performing at various gay events in the city, has recently released his video for “FuckTalk (Buy Me A Drink).

One such event was Vancouver Gay Pride this past year (and had one of the best entries in the parade too – see the photo below!)


Peter Breeze: “FuckTalk (Buy Me A Drink)”
Video by Rami Films
Performed by Peter Breeze
Lyrics & Music by Maxwell Maxwell