Peter Breeze: “FuckTalk (Buy Me A Drink)”


“Buy me a drink, buy, buy me a drink…go to my place, my place, my place…” Get ready, cuz after you’ve seen this video slash heard this song, that sassy & catchy line is gonna be in your head all. day. long.

This glamorous Vancouver gay pop singer (think Johnny McGovern…but more fabulous and looks more like Aaron Carter) has been doing his thing here in VanCity for a a short while now (kinda taking after Armstrong Junior I suppose), performing at various gay events in the city, has recently released his video for “FuckTalk (Buy Me A Drink).

One such event was Vancouver Gay Pride this past year (and had one of the best entries in the parade too – see the photo below!)


Peter Breeze: “FuckTalk (Buy Me A Drink)”
Video by Rami Films
Performed by Peter Breeze
Lyrics & Music by Maxwell Maxwell

  • David

    Ew, I don’t like that song/music video at all. He does look like Aaron Carter though.

  • Scott

    THIS SONG SUCKS! He should give up now! Fucking crap, I can’t believe your even supporting this trash Homorazzi.

  • Jared

    Lol I agree with Scott. WTF is this?

  • Mr. Lee

    This is embarrassing! This guy represents every bad stereotype gay males are trying to get rid of. This guy seriously thinks he can flaunt them out and be some big celebrity. I got news for him! It’s not going to happen. Please, don’t support thing guy no more. I love this site and posts like this waste my time and make me sorta angry. Gay guys don’t always have to be represented as flaming homos in the media. This Peter Breeze person needs to get an STD test and wake the hell up.

    Mr. Lee

  • “Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate I don’t care what these chicks say, I don’t even look their way!”

    I myself was once a Peter Breeze hater, thought he was some punkass little twinkie boy looking to flaunt it in some gay bar…until I saw him live. He’s got something there, and there isn’t one person in Vancouver (and Victoria and PG) who doesn’t know this song. Love it or hate it, that fact is you will be singing “By me a drink by me a drink” at some point.

    Say what you will, I think Peter Breeze is going to have the last laugh on this one, and I plan on supporting him the whole way through!

  • Mattie

    This tune and video SUCKS!

  • Jeebus

    Peter Breeze has the most fabulousness of all the Vancouver people. Peter Breeze must receive free alcohol drinks pronto quick-quick. Peter Breeze is on VIP list at everywhere from nightclubs to the public library. Peter Breeze will do sex to your face so hard it will knock your teeths out, then he will make a terrorism inside your booty hole. Peter Breeze sleeps on a water bed full of Patron and when he gets up to pee in the middle of the night, he puts on slippers woven from the thick, luxurious back hair of his haters. When he gets to the bathroom, he unfurls his 3-foot-long manhood and lets loose with a stream of pure, frothy glamour. Why don’t all you haters give it a taste?

  • Ray

    The stereotypes gay males are trying to get rid of are strangely accurate. Might as well have fun with them. I like the song and the video. I see where you guys are coming from with but I just don’t understand why you’re so aggressive about it. Calm the fuck down 🙂

  • Whoa, Ray is right. While this certainly isn’t my type of music the different cast members are allowed their own opinion- so if Patrick likes it, that’s up to him. It’s not exactly a homorazzi stamp of communal approval to be in one person’s article- pretty sure if Katherine Monk likes the latest Spielberg flick doesn’t mean everyone at the Sun agrees with her 😉
    We left our cyborg assimilation playbook at home, we’ll have to borrow yours scott… sorry, i mean mr. lee 😉

  • Lisa Delux

    Diversity people.. Gay is a wide spectrum.. I <3 Peter Breeze!

  • Jewels

    What a catchy song- love it. Keep doing ur thing PETER! Thanks to people like u- people all over the world r becoming more accepting of gay individuals. Creativity helps get the msg across. <3

  • Lina

    Fabulous! Really sexy, super catchy.

  • john

    its so funny that guys like Peter get all this attention but other gay artists in vancouver get totally ignoredi just caught Darcy Michael doing a live set last week and for everybody that hates what peter does – check out darcy. he’s my saviour. one homo at a time.

  • It’s not that they get ignored at all, it’s that they aren’t promoting themselves properly. I’m Darcy is fantastic, but I have never heard of him. Which is completely different then I’ve heard of him and chose to not listen.

    Send us some stuff about Darcy, and we’ll go from there!

  • john
  • michael

    Wow… Lots of people talking… And that’s exactly the thing Mr. Breeze does, and loves… And I congratulate him for that. The song is catchy, the vid outstanding, and one thing that’s not up for argument is his passion and focus on being what he wants to be. To the haters out there, I thought this community was all about embracing people for who they want to be. Keep doing your thing Peter, whatever that thing is. Your passion for what you do is to be applauded.

  • Calan

    Wow I can’t believe all the haters! Isn’t it kind of sad that we talk about acceptance in the gay community yet some gays are more that willing to rip others apart? Gays come in all shapes, sizes, colours and flamer types. How can we expect the world to accept us if some of us can’t even accept ourselves? I myself am not what you would call “flaming homo” and I’m more relaxed but i defiantly have friends who are quite the flamers because it’s who they are and they’re happy doing it. Peter may be trashy to some but at least he can say he’s out there doing what he loves to do and actually MADE a video to go with it. How many wanna bes even get that far? I salute you Peter and good on you for doing what you love. When are people going to learn to accept people for who they are and toss their own insecurities aside?

    And instead of trashing Peter for “represent[ing] every bad stereotype gay males are trying to get rid of,” how about you go out there and show people that not every gay is a flaming one? Wouldn’t that be more productive?
    Just sayin’

  • Reid

    I live how a community all about acceptance is so quick to bash one of their own. Aren’t we, as gay men, supposed to be open to differences because we want hetros to accept we’re different and love us for it. Frankly it’s easy to sit behind a monitor and belittle peter, Id like to see one of you cocky bastards actually show up and say something. Even if it’s not your preferred music, you should give credit where credit is due. And if you think you can do it better then do it. It’s hypocritical homos that give us a bad name with double standards. You all wanna look, act and talk no different then the straight guys on granville street. So maybe instead of being malicious toward one of your own, grow up and support the community! Peter is one of my closest friends and possibly one if the most driven people I know. He’s getting emails from James St. James and Perez Hilton, what celebrity has emailed you yards lately? That’s what I thought.

  • Jake

    Peters like paris hilton but without the money backing him.

    Really, his songs have no real chorus.. Don’t forget the auto tune, someone knows how to use it..
    Seriously, this songs a joke and you know it.

  • lenaa

    “Seriously, this songs a joke and you know it.”

    umm, the only thing we all know, is that an opinion is just that..and opinion, and yours doesnt matter to anyone 🙂

    what peter breeze, has or doesnt have, is making everybody talk,
    including all of you who took the time out of your oh so busy day, to trash talk someone who is one step close then you are.

    PETER BREEZE, this song is rad, and the vid is a little trippy, in the best way possible! i love the outfits and the lights, oh and the lipstick shots, remind me of my own!

    maybe some of you should take a little bit more time, and learn a little bit more about him..because if you dont now, he’ll be everywhere before you know it!

    its time to shine PETER BREEZE


  • Jared

    Opinion is perception. Yes bad publicity is publicity nonetheless, but perception is a reality and he becomes famous, he’ll be famous for people not liking his music (or perhaps him). Get over it.

  • Maxwell

    I wrote and produced the song with Peter, so I thought I’d chime in. First of all, yes the song is a joke and we know it. I can see why a few people are upset about it (probably the kind of people who put “STRAIGHT-ACTING” in their online dating profiles): not only do you guys not get it, you’re vaguely aware that the joke is about you, the ridiculous sex you have (YEAH DUDE YOU LIKE MY MUSCLES BRO UUUURGHHH), the useless crap you buy, and your deathly serious petit bourgeois lifestyle.

    When yuppies don’t like your music, it’s a badge of honor. If you guys were bumping “Fuck Talk” at your boring-ass Yaletown cocktail parties, then sure we’d be discouraged. But as long as the people who don’t like us are so obviously dull, humorless, self-hating (what is it with trying to act like the jocks who beat you up in high school, anyways?) and generally shitty, every time you go out of your way to say something nasty about us it’s a sign we’re doing something right.

  • Jared

    Maxwell, if your perception of “straight-acting” gays is that it’s just an act, then you’re sadly mistaken. Some people are don’t blend in with the gay scene nor do we appreciate the stereotypes. We’re not self-hating, we’re just different from you. You’re contradicting yourself by bashing “straight-acting” gays. If you think people hating the music is a badge of honour, then so be it. Shows how little it takes for some people to be gratified. Besides the point, the main dislike for this song is the song and video just isn’t good, period – whether it was intended to be a joke or not. There’s better stuff to surf up on youtube.

  • I’m not here to talk about his music, but maybe more about his personality. I moved into the neighborhood where he works and one day I decided to walk in and find out more. I have no idea who he was, but he sat at the reception desk and when I asked about his company I was given a one line spiel that he kept repeating over and over (wow – kinda like him in this video!), like I was not getting it. (Well, can you tell me *more*???) Definitely a lot of attitude. Maybe it works for this video or his persona as an artist, but man, not for customer service. Anyway, I got here by searching for “Peter Breeze is an ass”. Number one hit.

  • Marky

    “He will make a terrorism inside your booty hole” would make a great mug or T-shirt, as would “do sex to your face so hard it will knock your teeths out.”