If you’ve never heard of them then you need to crawl out from under that rock you’ve been hiding in or you’re probably in your early 20’s. The Pet Shop Boys are sheer genius! Their songs are classics and transcend time and music genres. I’ve grown up with hits such as “Where the Streets have no name”,”Go West”, “Westend Girls”, “Suburbia” & many more. I love many of their songs cause a lot of the lyrics do relate to my life specifically & generally. What is your favourite PSB track and what memory do yo have associated with it? I remember mine was “Suburbia” I love the intro buildup. I remember just locking myself in my room when I was younger and I would dance and lip sync to their tunes. Yet again, they come out with an amazing album with their unique style….Listen to the album sample HERE.

Checkout the YouTube video of their 2009 Brit Awards performance of an amazing medley with Brandon Flowers from The Killers and the very talented Lady Gaga on the next part of the post.