Perez Hilton Shows Off His New Body While Dancing With His Mom

Before, I introduce the video, I wanted to say that I know many of you dislike Perez Hilton and will predictably comment on this post saying “why are you giving him attention” or “why won’t he go away” so… I just thought I’d beat you to the punch. 😉

Perez Hilton, who was a guest on Oprah’s Lifeclass last week, has made a major transformation over the past year or so – both physically and professionally. This article is about the physical and I like to give credit where credit is due.

Perez used to be HUGE and in the following video, he’s VERY toned as he dances his face off (with his mom), shamelessly celebrating all of the hard work he’s done. The video, set to Kat Graham’s “Graffiti” is quite ridiculous and by no means did I watch it all the way though. Despite what you may think of him, hopefully he can inspire others in some way to abandon their bully ways and/or achieve the body type they’ve always wanted.

As a caption to the video, Perez writes: “Dancing around to Kat Graham’s “Put Your Graffiti On Me”! Having fun with Momma Perez! And to all those folks who think I got in shape through some kind of surgery, I guess it’s flattering you’re in disbelief I look this good! Ha! BUT… I did it the hard way! Naturally! Putting in the effort! Over a long period of time! And I’m soooo happy! I just wanna dance!”

  • Louis

    I don’t follow news about him, but I am shocked that he looks soo different. But I think he kinda went to the extreme, he looks kinda bulimic, if you ask me.

  • Slade

    I hate him but there is no doubt that he looks good

  • Simon

    The disclaimer reads: “We know you guys don’t want to support Perez… but sit down and shut up because we don’t care! Look at how HOT he is!” Super lame homorazzi. You guys are better than that kind of mentality.

  • Hi Simon – I never said “Look how HOT he is” anywhere in my post. The post is about his weight loss and the disclaimer was made as a result of past posts I have written about him and the repetitive comments posted on those. Perhaps that wasn’t made clear. If you don’t want to read about Perez, no one is forcing you to click on the article, right? Hope your week is off to a good start and thanks for visiting the site! – Patrick.

  • Anon

    Great body. Now let’s do something about that face…

  • JuanJoself

    I do not think he looks good at all. He needs to eat the head to body proportions are off. Tsk tsk Homorazzi another post with him. I stopped going to his site been one week clean haha just cannot support someone like him.

  • Bobby Cox

    I can’t believe that people put so much input on this guy. PS i’m not going to start talking about how this guy is a piece of dirt who is worse than any gay basher or gay hater out there. I also won’t say that giving this tool anytime or mention on any blog only allows him to have disbelife that anyone cares about him. NO i won’t say that. But honestly I found this gross…I can’t subdue the fact that any thing that makes this guy seem more full of himself is a bad think in my eyes. I don’t know what gym he goes to to do things naturally but where the hell did his butt go? Literally it’s like a neutron star collapsing into itself. ANd having our mom spank you while dancing in nothing is really creepy. About as creepy as making a living out of outing and hating your own kind. EWWW!

  • Prew

    where credit is due…not “do”.

  • Dbrewer75

    Crystal meth does a body good =\

    I really enjoy coming here because I can get a good dose of pop culture, cute guys and catty gossip and it never drags the lowest reaches of the barrel to give it to me. That is why I really hate when this guy is featured on here…especially since this is the 3rd time in 2 weeks or whatever. He is a stain upon the face of gay culture and I feel he is embarassing to the whole community. Coming from a small area in the South that doesn’t have a huge gay (at least out) population this jackass is usually what is mentioned when a gay topic is brought up. No matter how much he proclaims to have changed he is still known for being the bitchy bully of the gay world.

    I think if one wants to make a case of someone who has worked hard at making over their physical body, it would be better to feature someone who has to actually work for a living while trying to fit in all the exercise as opposed to this guy who doesn’t have an actual job besides preying on celebs and lusting after teenage pop stars/actors.

    Rant over 🙂

  • Kaiser

    A douchebag is still a douchebag no matter how much weight he loses. He’s ugly no matter what he does because of who he is, not how he looks.

    Now if he performed a personality enema on himself and/or magically became a different person on the inside I would say that was newsworthy. Please don’t waste our time with this sort of stuff again.

  • Oliver

    Perez is a DOUCHE and he shouldn’t be given any attention. The same goes for his mother… is she wearing fur? Really? In 2012?

  • stephen

    Just as ugly as always, just skinnier, and he’s body looks a bit odd, so he may be skinnier but still wouldn’t touch him if you paid me

  • Mish

    How loser of Homorazzi to even run this post. I specifically choose to read Homorazzi not to have to see this fat face.

  • beachballsify2

    yeh….perez is full of himself, i get it. disappointed that homorazzi would even make a post about perez hilton targetted to the haters. is he meant to be somebody to look up to and be inspired by because he has changed physically? i dont even think he has genuinely changed at all… sure hes skinnier but he stills runs a website based on celebrity gossip, its not like hes chasing his dreams

  • beachballsify2

    not to mention, even though he is skinnier, he still looks gross, not just physically but as the person he is

  • Ryan

    Ew. Super uncomfortable and pointless video. Gotta echo all the above, why are you even covering this? His weight loss is already old news and I actually don’t think he has a very loyal gay following (unlike this site). Just like the ads allover your site advertising undies and chatrooms, I’m guessing this article’s sole purpose is to further proport the “ideal gay body (stereo)type” etc.
    i.e. “We care about you now that you have a hot body!” Sad.

  • Clayton

    You beat people to the punch asking the question but you still haven’t answered it. Perez Hilton is bad for us. He has the the right to do what he does and you have the right to cover him but “the right” does not equal “right.”

    Perez Hilton and I have something in common, namely, we’re both attention whores. It’s just that I have standards and he doesn’t. Perez Hilton has gotten his fix for years from being an awful person. Now he’s getting it for trying to fix himself. If we stop paying attention to him for that and stop blowing smoke up his newly-toned ass I believe he’ll revert quicker than we can see it happening. If he really wanted to change himself he’d apologize for his past behavior and drop off the radar at least for a little while in stead of flaunting it and saying “hey, look how great I am now!” He’s built his reputation out of shit and he shouldn’t get to put a coat of paint on it and ask us to admire it.

  • Anthony

    Its all photoshop i tell ya!

  • sean

    No amount of weight loss, makeup and or makeover can make dark heart beautiful.

  • JP

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit

  • Bitter

    AWFUL!!! He looks Anorexic, really Pathetic!

  • newatl

    Yes, his body looks better. Maybe now, he can concentrate on learning respect and manners, all the while also working to improve his bitter personality.

  • Donny

    It looks like he still has extra skin at the waistband. He doesn’t have an ounce of fat anywhere. His skin looks very thin, almost body-builder like. The proportions are off, too. The body does not match the head. He may be healthy but he does not look good.

  • Jim

    He looks more disgusting now than he did before…ewwww…And what about the size of his head??????

  • tim salyers

    He had diet meals delivered 3 times a day. Hardly inspirational.